Friday, August 12, 2011

Kate Moss's pint-sized photo bomber is punk royalty

US vogue tumblr
US Vogue nabbed a world exclusive in last month's nuptials of Kate Moss and The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince in the UK. This week the magazine unveiled its portfolio of wedding images shot by Mario Testino and an accompanying feature penned by Hamish Bowles, which provide further insights into the lavish £1million bash. Vogue's photo captions also reveal the identity of the wedding's breakout star: the little brunette flowergirl with the pixie haircut who was clinging to Moss in every photo taken outside the church and who indeed, even in Testino's official portrait of the bridal party (above, below), is still hanging onto Moss for dear life. According to Vogue, she is Ava Jones, no other info. But a little digging reveals that Ava and her fellow flowergirl sister Stella, are none other than the progeny of British punk legend Mick Jones, co-founder of The Clash, and producer Miranda Davis.

US vogue tumblr
Frockwriter wasn't the only one who noticed Ava - or indeed what looked to be a strained expression in some shots on the face of Moss's own daughter Lila Grace. 

The Bullseye! Nice Tumblr drew attention (below) to the antics of the mystery "pint-sized photobomber", noting "from the way she was acting, she was a long-lost (recently reunited) daughter of Kate’s who couldn’t bear to be apart from her mother for another moment".

No idea how long Jones and Moss have known each other, but their friendship dates back to the pre-Hince era - at least to the time when Moss was dating muso Pete Doherty. 

In September 2005 in Jones's West London studio, while he was producing the debut album of Doherty's new band, Babyshambles, Jones became embroiled in the notorious "Cocaine Kate" scandal. In what some sources have claimed was a £100,000 sting bankrolled by The Mirror newspaper, which ran a grainy video freeze frame on page one, Jones and other parties present were covertly filmed allegedly snorting cocaine with Moss. Jones was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police, but not arrested.  


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