Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From ANTM to ICU: Alice Burdeu's adventures in Ellison-land

screen grab, 'an ode to the muse'
Becoming the winner of the Australia's Next Top Model series can lead to many things. An international modelling career, if you are lucky - and it looks like the Australian show's winners are having more luck than most at the moment. Over the weekend at Melbourne's Australian Centre For The Moving Image, Cycle 3 winner Alice Burdeu made her screen debut - well, at least her film festival screen debut - at Justin Watson's and Alastair McCann's No Home fashion film festival, as part of the cultural calendar of the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which officially kicks off tomorrow. Burdeu is the star of a short film called 'An Ode to the Muse', that was shot by Melbourne's Tooth & Claw collective for Sydney fashion label Ellison. For anyone who didn't catch No Home, here is a first look at the film. It's an intriguing little plotline.

Burdeu finds herself dazed and confused behind the steering wheel of a vintage, mid century car after a car accident. Black and white footage of other automobiles of a similar vintage is visible through her vehicle's rear window.

She then finds herself in an emergency unit being attended to by two nurse-type figures. All three, evidently, are not dressed in mid century grab, but Ellison's current winter collection.

It is unclear at this point whether or not Burdeu's character is so overcome by concussion - or perhaps the uncanny resemblance of both nurses to The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo star and fashion's latest cult clotheshorse, Rooney Mara - but she begins to levitate off the gurney.

The closing scene depicts Burdeu standing on a wall and facing the floor, her universe apparently permanently gravitationally corrupted by the experience.

The official synopsis concedes a nod to Hitchcock, but you could obviously add in there elements of The Exorcist and Inception.




director - tooth and claw
starring - alice burdeu
nurse one - katherine edwards
nurse two - jessie oldfield
music - thrupence
art director - tammy knox
hair/makeup - holly rose butler
rigger - jade amantea
assistant rigger - ri-jie kwok
production assistants - paris thomson, mel gleeson
special thanks - david rusanow, maya webb  


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