Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alice McCall for Diet Coke #RAFW


Anonymous said...

wasn't this Alice McCall?

Anonymous said...

thats an alice mccall dress silly !! please amend xx

Anonymous said...

its an alice mccall

Patty Huntington said...

yes, yes, duly noted - and amended - with a second post left on twitpic with the correction noted.

thanks for the headsup. this is one of the potential pitfalls of filing in real-time, as i have been doing over the past two days. i am shooting on my blackberry and then uploading immediately onto twitpic and the blog, with the video footage streaming live to the net using an application called qik.

in the 'ready to wear' group shows - which involve mostly newish labels with which many of us may be unfamiliar - i have been assiduously checking the names of the designers against the program, before uploading.

this was just an accidental double-up - which would have occurred to me when i went over the coverage later. but is now corrected. thanks again.

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