Thursday, April 30, 2009

RTW II - Nicolangela #RAFW


Anonymous said...

If anything, this week has demonstrated the failure of new media. For the past few months, debates have raged over the place of bloggers and twitter-ers in the (fashion) media landscape. I, like many, have supported the new generation of information outlets.

Sadly, this blog, like the majority, have sacrificed journalism for mini tweets and grainy images. The mainstream media outlets are uploading photos within the hour, so we can look at high resolution versions on these websites. Frockwriter is one, if not the only, source of high quality, critical fashion journalism in Australia, and this week we've barely seen more than a 'tweet' and said blurry phone photos. Perhaps its time we moved back to newspapers and magazines, for they have written content with strong visual imagery. The new media landscape has proved it can't integrate both, despite the pace of upload.

Paul said...

^ Irony: caning the whole idea of new media in a blog post comment.

There's been an unhealthy rush-to-judgement around new media this week.

Saying that "its [sic] time we moved back to newspapers and magazines" after a few days overlooks the progressive, experimental nature what's happening here.

There are many forms of "journalism", and no reason why we can't have all of them. There's a steep learning curve involved here across all media, dead-tree and electric.

Instead of dismissing it, hang on and enjoy the ride.

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