Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Ragtrader social media debate


Along with local fashion industry consultant Kate Vandermeer, I was recently invited by Australian fashion industry newsmagazine
(this country’s version of WWD), to be involved in a mini panel discussion about social media and the fashion biz. Conducted online via Gmail chat and moderated by new Ragtrader editor Assia Benmedjdoub, an edited transcript of the debate was published in the September 25 (print) edition. Due to popular demand, the original transcript was finally published on yesterday.

I added some additional info via email shortly after the discussion (which appeared in the print version only), after realizing that I had neglected to mention Cover It Live in my personal hitlist of SM platforms/apps – a live dialogue box application that I had used this year to cover both the Golden Globes, the Oscars and then, in tandem with my esteemed blog colleagues Bryanboy and Matt ‘Imelda’ Jordan, the D&G, Dolce e Gabbana and Gareth Pugh FW0910 presentations in Milan and Paris.

And yes, in case you’re wondering about the title pic for this post, I fed a cut-and-paste of the entire discussion into cute word cloud generator Wordle.

As we Twitter towards the close of a year in which social media was second only to the economic climate in terms of priority discussions for the fashion business the world over, very interested to hear your thoughts.


Taegen said...

That was a good read!
I mean I think it's obvious that digital marketing agencies are the ones doing well at the moment because they're willing to take the risk in the online world, and taking 'smart' companies with them.
Also Patty with what you said about some outlets thinking this new social media business is a 'fad' I guess we can watch them maybe embarrassingly move into social media a few years too late.

As a marketing student I would have enjoyed a subject on this issue but thankfully with articles like this I can create my own learning.

Ragtrader said...

Hi Patty,

Thanks for taking part in the panel discussion and for providing a link on your fantastic blog.

If we need anymore proof that social media is more than just a fad, our next issue (November 20) looks at a trend forecasting agency which is using sites like Twitter to quantify and monitor discussions on fashion brands.

Among other bits and pieces of information, the service provides a Top 20 list of the most talked up names in the new media landscape.

We don't want to let too much more out of the bag but hey, proof that even the trend businesses think it's all more than just a...well, trend.

Ellie said...

Come on... is it really rocket science that mass communication and the cult of celebrity will change the role of marketing forever?

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