Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In any office other than Terry Richardson's, this might be considered sexual harassment

detail/diesel mexico's twitter

Just another day at the office for Terry Richardson, photographed here during what appears to be a Diesel photoshoot. Below is the original photo as it appeared on Diesel Mexico’s Twitter feed several hours ago (NSFW). The male models are all wearing Diesel underwear, while the controversial American photographer has dropped both his trousers and boxer shorts. Although his hand is covering his privates, Richardson's pubic hair is clearly visible. It’s not entirely clear what the shoot is for or how old the photo is, but Richardson and Diesel have a longstanding commercial relationship, which embraces several Diesel advertising campaigns (including at least one Diesel Intimate campaign), the publication of a book of Richardson’s photographs of Hong Kong and even a clothing collaboration

It's probably a safe bet that all of these models are over the age of 18. Richardson has previously stated on his website that he will only work with 18+ models, thereby reducing his risk of exposure to any claims of child pornography and exploitation. 

But assuming that he knew this behind-the-scenes Diesel shot was due to be published, what exactly is the point Richardson is trying to make here? That, when it comes to the now fairly widespread claims of his inappropriate workplace behaviour with regard to women, which include numerous allegations that he has exposed himself on set and engaged in sexually predatory behaviour – with Rie Rasmussen and Jamie Peck going on the record last year - he’s an equal opportunity offender?  

Update 1/12: According to one of the commenters on Fashionista's pickup of this story, this shot of Richardson with male models is from the Hong Kong Terry Richardson book, which was published by Diesel earlier this year. The book showcases a series of images taken by Richardson in Hong Kong in 2007.  

diesel mexico's twitter


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