Friday, April 3, 2009

Feed the models

Move over Modelinia and Yesterday saw the launch of a new model-nosed social media initiative, with the rather amusing title ModelFeed. A joint venture between David Gibson, digital strategist Dave King of The Royals, together with ex-Saatchi duo Tim Brown and Peter Buckley aka Disciple, ModelFeed describes itself as a collaborative model blog. It logs words, photos and videos, purportedly directly from a cast of, thus far, 14 models. The site invites applications from all models, but so far is exclusively dedicated to the women of Sydney agency Chic Management and Chic's New York-based model queenmaker affiliate, Next.

The reason Chic and Next feature so heavily in the site's launch, according to Chic Management director Ursula Hufnagel, is because having already engineered Chic Management's website, Disciple approached the agency to start up the venture with Chic/Next models.

Sources say that although ModelFeed is a completely separate company to Chic Management, Hufnagel and her husband, Chic Management general manager Dominique Longheon, have a personal interest in ModelFeed.

Ex Dolly, B Magazine and Red Zero editor Eliza O'Hare is coordinating the content.

ModelFeed launch models include Catherine McNeil, Myf Shepherd, Sarah Stephens, Alexandra Agoston-O'Connor, Pania Rose, white hot American Karlie Kloss – and Chic’s latest two Australian hatchlings, who have just arrived in New York for casting rounds: Camille Piazza and the Miranda Kerr/Freida Pinto lookalike, Charlotte Lohmann (pictured below), both 17.

charlotte lohmann/chic management

What access will ModelFeed offer that the plethora of other model-dedicated blogs and websites do not - not to mention the models’ own blogs and social networking sites, notably Facebook? That remains to be seen.

For now, enjoy the small selection of vids that have so far been loaded of Pania Rose and some amusing shots.

The latter include one of Stephens in transit en route to November's Victoria’s Secret show, holding a security guard's semi-automatic weapon - a shot that frockwriter will wager Victoria’s Secret would be thrilled is nowhere near the VS website.

Being silly with the dogs from on Vimeo.

all three shots/modelfeed


Anonymous said...

thanks for shedding more light on the people and companies around ModelFeed. These are two separate Dave Kings, although I am sure this one doesn't mind being called one of the greatest direct marketers... :-)

Style On Track said...

This is fantastic, lots of entertaining behind the scenes gorgeous ladies :)

Patty Huntington said...

hey there -

yes i have corrected that (dave king). and i apologise profusely for the other corrections made earlier this morning. kathy ward (Chic) mentioned ModelFeed on wednesday but asked me to wait 24 hrs. she did point out that separate people were involved in the startup, but it wasn't at all clear. then late yesterday kathy forwarded ModelFeed's press release - ie written by ModelFeed, not Chic Management - which had diddly squat information about any of the partners. no information whatsoever.

hopefully the post now provides a much more complete picture.

AusAnna said...

this is such a great post. haha I just love it lady!

Dave King said...

re: dave king error - I blame myself (and my parents) for my common name. I've been considering changing my name to something more distinctive like Beauregard.


Grace said...

Thanks for a great post!
Very informing, as per usual :)

Anonymous said...

patty i use to check this blog everyday when you posted on controversial topics such as stephanie carta and tallulah.. you seem to have dulled down your ideas.. come on! give us something a little more interesting!!!

Jan said...

I like that photo of Sarah playing Charlie's Angel. We could have used her at Sydney Airport a couple of week-ends ago!

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