Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friedrich Gray SS0910

Short and sharp - unlike my BlackBerry photos unfortunately, however these were aimed primarily at giving the gist of the show on Twitter in real-time - tonight's Friedrich Gray show provided a slick debut to Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, which does not officially kick off until tomorrow morning. A crowd packed into the UTS Atrium on Broadway to see designer Ben Pollitt's eighth collection, with in fact so many people attending, they had to line the Atrium's mezzanines just to get a good view. Inspired by David Lynch's 1984 sci-fi turkey Dune, the collection showed all the hallmarks of Pollitt's early collections: long, linear, androgynous silhouettes, much black and draping, killer patchwork leggings and a striking series of graphic singlet dresses featuring a digital print designed in collaboration with Sydney contemporary artist Scrapwall. Brand new territory for Pollitt: resortwear, albeit of the pitch black variety, in a series of black cutoff shorts with matching bikini tops. Pollitt later quipped he was calling the look "alien beach couture".

Click here to see a backstage portfolio from Sonny Vandevelde.


faddict said...

I'm loving all the phone pics of the friedrich gray show! Keep them coming!

Patty Huntington said...

well, they're more than a bit blurry - and half of them, in my case, accidentally went to the wrong address - but it's great to be able to provide real-time updates. going to be interesting to see how this develops.

i am trying to integrate the coverage between the platforms (twitter and blog so far - with another app about to be added, once i have sorted out some tech teething problems). it's a work in progress at the moment.

nice little story on your blog (and you are too kind). i tweeted it!

Kate. said...

Who the f*** was that extremely rude lady in the front row with long black hair tied up in a ponytail and wearing red bangles?
She did not ONCE look up from her iphone. I'm sure whatever she was texting would read something along the lines of 'omigod I'm so amazing and so totally important,' or maybe she was just playing tetris.
Whatever she was doing, she was certainly not watching the brilliant garments that were on parade right under her nose. Show some respect at the next show, Moll.

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