Thursday, April 23, 2009

Olivier Zahm still channeling Michael Hutchence - with a little help from Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld via purple diary

Look, we know some of you can’t get enough of PURPLE FASHION magazine co-counder, editor and all-round fashion perve Olivier Zahm and frankly, who could blame you? The latest Zahm portrait just posted on Purple Diary was, unusually, not taken by Zahm himself – but no less than German fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld. Earlier this week we joked that we were looking forward to Zahm's insider glimpses of Lagerfeld’s immacutely-arranged arsenal of sex toys. In the interim, Kaiser Karl has stepped up to the kinky sex plate by dropping this little S&M gem in our laps. The caption reads “Olivier Zahm and Lara Stone photographed by Karl Largerfeld for the Maison Michel F/W 2009 catalog. Here is one of the portraits styled and art directed by Laetitia Crahay, the designer of the collection”. In the shot, Dutch supermod Stone looks to be restraining the bearded attention whore by the throat with a leather belt. There seems to be little doubt that Zahm does need restraining but seriously, considering that our very first Zahm post asked if the Michael Hutchence lookalike is well, the new Michael Hutchence, frockwriter is vaguely alarmed at the thought of where this may be heading. And does this by any chance mean Zahm reads our posts?


Anonymous said...

Ugh he is disgusting, can we stop paying attention now? He is just plain sleazy and his photographs are devoid of any artistic merit. Furthermore, I feel like I've caught a venereal disease every time I see one of his pictures and how hollow and soulless he and his subjects seem to be.
vacant and dirty.
move on.

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