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RAFW Spring/Summer 2011/2012 - The commuter edition

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Australia's most high profile fashion event, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, runs from May 2-6. As per tradition, frockwriter has been making a list and checking it twice, ahead of the official release by organiser IMG Fashion Asia Pacific. Two years may have passed since the abbreviated "Recessionista edition", but that does not mean that retail is still not incredibly tough. Or that sponsors are not thin on the ground. Two longstanding RAFW partners will not be showing: Nicola Finetti, who has shown at the event every year since its 1996 launch and New Zealand's Zambesi. You can catch them in their showrooms. Also AWOL this season: Friedrich Gray, with designer Ben Pollitt taking a break from not just RAFW, but in fact putting his label on ice. The good news: among the big names showing are two of Australia's best-known designers, both returning to the schedule after several years showing in New York and London - Toni Maticevski and Josh Goot. Update 21/04: Good to see that Romance Was Born finally got over the line with its show plans. Although technically not on schedule, their slot is the next best thing: an unofficial kickoff to the week on the afternoon of Sunday May 1st. 

Also returning to the lineup are Lover and White Suede. 

A slew of solo runway debuts includes Yeojin Bae, Carl Kapp, Amber & Thomas and Friend of Mine. 

Much was made of the decisions by both Alex Perry and Kym Ellery to unveil their Spring collections at consumer events in Melbourne and Perth before RAFW. But that has not precluded their involvement at RAFW, with both now confirmed to show their second summer collections on-schedule at the event. Rachel Gilbert is also doing two presentations: a low-key lunch showing of Summer 1 on 13th April in Sydney, followed by a full-scale show at RAFW on 3rd May.

In terms of brand new labels being unveiled at the event, added to the annual TAFE 'Innovators' parade which has springboarded, among others, Dion Lee - who is showing on Thursday morning - comes a second graduate showcase this year from Raffles, showcasing six designers from Australia, China and Singapore. 

Yes, there are more off-site shows than ever before, but we understand IMG has organised a fleet of shuttle buses - as do organisers in London, Milan and Paris for their many off-site, on-schedule shows. In New York, you fend for yourself. Guys, we've had it far too easy, for too long.  

Wednesday 13th April, 12.30 - Rachel Gilbert

Thursday 14th April, 12.30 - Leona Edmiston
Wednesday 27th April, 09.00 - Life With Bird
Wednesday 27th April, 17.00 - Thurley 
Thursday 28th April, 10.30 - Carla Zampatti
Thursday 28th April, 18.30 - Ginger & Smart 
Friday 29th April, 09.00 - Sabatini (celebrating 20 years in Australia) 
Friday 29th April, 12.00 - Mrs Press  
Sunday 1st May, 15.30 - Romance Was Born


09.00 Zimmermann, off-site
10.00 Bec & Bridge, on-site
11.00 Alex Perry, Cargo
12.00 Arnsdorf, the OPT
13.00 Kirrily Johnston, off-site
14.30 Morrison, on-site
15.30 RTW group show 1, the OPT: Subfusco, Garth Cook, Uscari, Vagabond, Lanphi
16.30 Friend of Mine, Cargo
17.30 Flannel, the OPT
18.30 Karla Spetic, Cargo Theatre
19.30 Gail Sorronda, the OPT

20.30 Lover, off-site

09.00 Therese Rawsthorne, off-site
10.00 Rachel Gilbert, on-site
11.00 Sara Phillips, on-site
12.00 Little Joe, the OPT
13.00 Manning Cartell, off-site

14.30 Miss Unkon, Cargo Theatre
15.30 RTW 2, the OPT: None the Richer, Bless'ed are the Meek, Guanabana Designs, Wonders Cease 

16.30 Nookie, Cargo Theatre
17.30 Carl Kapp, the OPT
18.30 Amber & Thomas, Cargo
19.30 Marnie Skillings, on-site
20.30 Kate Sylvester, off-site

09.00 Lisa Ho, off-site

10.00 Talulah, the OPT
11.00 Magdalena Velevska, Cargo
12.00 Shakuhachi, the OPT
13.00 Fernando Frisoni, Sydney Opera House
14.30 Michael Lo Sordo, Cargo Theatre
15.30 RTW 3, the OPT: Foxton Danger, Karen Neilsen Collection, Roopa Pemmaraju, Terri Donna
16.30 Bianca Spender, Cargo Theatre
17.30 Dhini, the OPT
18.30 Gary Bigeni, on-site
19.30 Alice McCall, the OPT
20.30 Camilla & Marc, off-site

09.00 Dion Lee, off-site
10.00 White Suede, on-site
11.00 Yeojin Bae, on-site

12.00 TAFE Fashion Design Studio group show, the OPT: Leah Hibbert, Charlotte O’Carrigan, Emma Mulholland, Anna Westcott
13.00 Ellery, off-site
14.30 Lisa Blue, Cargo Theatre
15.30 Kooey, the OPT
16.30 Limedrop, Cargo Theatre
17.30 RTW 4, the OPT: Antonia Paris, Billi Keato, Luela, Sally Koeswanto
18.30 Stolen Girlfriends Club, Cargo Theatre
19.30 Alaistair Trung, the OPT
20.30 Josh Goot, off-site

09.00 Toni Maticevski, off-site

10.00 Lisa Maree, the OPT
11.00 Ms Couture, Cargo Theatre
12.00 Raffles RAFW International Showcase, the OPT: The Prodigal Son (Singapore), Zhigang Studio (Shanghai), Illuminati, Peggy Hartanto, Nosnim, Krystal Tsoi (Sydney)
13.00 Saint Augustine Academy, Cargo Theatre

14.30 New Generation 1 group show, the OPT: Paper Skye, Arj Selvam, Poppy Lissiman, Christopher Dobosz, Moek Theorem
15.30 Christopher Esber, Cargo Theatre
16.30 New Generation 2 group show, the OPT: Daniela Caputi, Daniella-Stephanie Puglisi, Del Playa Drive, Jaime Lee Major, Virginie Lynn
17.30 Bowie, Cargo Theatre  

1/ josh goot/frockwriter
2/ toni maticevski/sonnyphotos
3/ carl kapp/supplied by little hero
4/ kate sylvester/frockwriter
5/ dion lee/frockwriter
6/ friend of mine/alexandra spencer via friend of mine
7/ emma mulholland/2threads
8/ amber & thomas/amber & thomas
9/ anna westcott/
10/ stolen girlfriends club/frockwriter


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