Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New faces: Molly Paisley

carine thevenau via chic management

Horse riding competitions would appear to be fertile ground for model scouting. New Zealand’s Anmari Botha was initially spotted at a dressage competition in Auckland six years ago. And brand new Australian face Molly Paisley was scouted at a one-day event in Oakville, north west of Sydney, three months ago.

Scouted by Chic Management director, Kathy Ward, herself a keen equestrienne, the 5’10” 15 year-old was signed by the agency a month ago. Currently “in development” as they say in the modelling biz, Paisley will be available for select opportunities, with a focus on editorial.

Modelling runs in the Paisley family as it happens, so presumably there may be plenty of advice on hand. 

Mum Sha Paisley was a model in the 1980s, coincidentally represented at the time by Chic Management co-founder Ursula Hufnagel. And older sister Alice Paisley-Carruthers was also signed by Chic Management earlier this year.  

all images: carine thevenau, supplied exclusively to frockwriter by chic management


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