Friday, December 14, 2012

New faces: Kaitlin Carter

So far in frockwriter's New Faces series, we've met models who were scouted while riding their horses, at a bus stop, even on Facebook. Three weeks ago Chadwick Models agent Jaime McHugh spotted 19 year-old Sydneysider Kaitlin Carter at Central train station. 

both images: supplied by chadwick
Considering her photogenic features and notably, her height - 5'11.5"- it's surprising that Carter had not previously considered approaching an agency herself, which is the route taken by so many aspiring models. It's not like she's not interested in the industry - her Twitter and Instagram feeds are peppered with references to Naomi Campbell, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil and key players such as

The Bachelor of Arts undergrad, who is studying Media and International Communication at Macquarie University, has yet to be even tested or make it to Chadwick's website. Her only previous modelling experience has been a few favours done for some fashion design student mates. 

Carter celebrated her Chadwick coup on Instagram (below), as you do, posting a photo of the agent's card three weeks ago, together with the caption, "Just got approached at Central station by a model scout from Chadwick Model Agency!! Morning. Made".

A week ago she followed it up with a shot of herself holding her new Chadwick contract, noting "Look who just got signed!! Thank you Chadwicks!"

above two images: kaitlin carter's instagram


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