Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Editors in sweats: The Vine's Alyx Gorman

Achingly cool, impeccably pulled-together, kitted out in killer brands.... we know what they look like in the front row, at launch parties and out-and-about on street-style blogs. But exactly what do Australian style mavens - and maestros - wear when they're just hanging out, far from the madding fashion crowd? Frockwriter puts this question to some of the best-known names in fashion content creation down under. First up, Alyx Gorman, the editor of Fairfax's The Vine, which bills itself as Australia's leading youth and entertainment site. Gorman has been papped by vogue.co.uk and WWD, but her off-duty style embraces drop-crotch trackies and some "deeply weird" footwear gifted by her gran.

So what's your downtime uniform? Is there anything in particular that you always wear when you're just hanging out at home/on the weekends?
In cold weather I live in a beaten up leather jacket I bought from Lee about six years ago. It's been thrown in the ocean, flown around the world half a dozen times and it has a huge rip up one sleeve, but I still love it. I'm also partial to Bassike tees, Acne jeans, leather miniskirts and when the weather is warm and I'm doing something nice like going to a gallery or shopping I often default to little jersey dresses. I guess it's all a bit rock and roll, but not overly so. I'll never stop recovering from my goth phase. 

How would you describe your off-duty style and how has it evolved over the years?
I think over the past few years my look has become increasingly masculine and has drifted away from trends and more towards basics. To be honest I just care a lot less about my "off duty" style than I used to. I like things that are beautiful and simple and comfortable, great jeans, cute shoes. I don't particularly care about showing off what my body looks like as much as I did as a teenager. It's more about being presentable but a little utilitarian. 

Any particular inspirations?

I think laziness and an appreciation for the familiarity of certain garments more than anything else. I've begun to realise there are some things that will always make you look good and feel comfortable and it's fine to wear them ceaselessly.

Answer this: You can never have too many ........ Is there one or more items that you like to chill out in that you have a collection of?
I am an eyewear devotee. I love sunglasses and the more ostentatious they are, the more I like them. Really ridiculous Dame Edna frames are a bit of a dream for me, which is why I flipped my wig over the Karen Walker filigree styles that came out earlier this year. Anything MiuMiu touches is great too. The fun thing about sunglasses is, like red lipstick, no matter how casual you are, if you throw on a pair that are screamingly loud, it changes your whole look.


Would you ever rock up to the office in mufti? Have you?
I've worn casual clothes to the office in the past, but I actually really enjoy the formalities of getting dressed for work. High heels and blazers, shirts and tailoring are incredibly fun for me (last shot, above, en route to The Vine office, wearing Theory pants, Therese Rawsthorne blazer, Sportsgirl blouse), but if I'm going to be running around and potentially sweating or lying in the grass or something, I wouldn't want to hurt my poor corporate clothes by wearing them that day. Hence the more relaxed weekend uniform.

Would you be seen dead in Uggs?
Nope. My blue soled Nike FreeRunners are about 100 times more comfortable than a pair of uggs and significantly more socially acceptable. Around the house I wear these deeply weird little doona foots (below) that I will never allow myself to be seen in. That being said you can find them (here). 

What do you wear them with?
Bonds drop crotch trackies and ex-boyfriends' band tees mostly. I don't even go to the supermarket dressed like that though.

down booties via theoldempire.com

all images except the down booties: supplied by alyx gorman


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