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Andrej Pejic's Pop Up wedding

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Well we've seen him in enough wedding dresses. On November 19 last year, a fortnight after Andrej Pejic was, amusingly, banned by the Victoria Racing Club from wearing a Princess Beatrice tribute hat to the Melboune Cup Carnival - telling frockwriter that he intended to "save the vagina hat for my wedding" - he changed his Facebook relationship status to "engaged" to his boyfriend of the past year, Rembrandt 'Remy' Duran. "It's a joke....for now" Pejic told us at the time. Now he's taken it one step further.

Overnight, on Instagram, Duran posted a photo of a certificate issued by the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, stating that a Rembrandt and "Andrea" had been "united in marriage" at the hotel's "Pop Up Chapel" on February 20th. 

Shortly afterwards, a mate, "Joe F" - who says he works in the footwear industry and posts under the name "bullshit_be_mine" on Instagram - uploaded this photo of Duran and a be-veiled Pejic at the Pop Up Chapel's altar, together with the caption: "I just married @andrej_pejic and @remdelarem":

via bullshit_be_mine's instagram

rembrandt duran's instagram

Perez Hilton excitedly proclaimed that Pejic and Duran have "officially tied the knot", without apparently stopping to consider that although same sex marriage might well be legal in nine states in the US, Nevada isn't one of them. According to Section 21 Article 1 of the Nevada Constitution only a marriage between a male and a female person is legally recognised in that state. That includes, sadly, Sin City.  

Pejic could not be reached for comment but according to his mother, Jadranka Savic, "It's a joke, definitely", adding that the two aren't even engaged. "Kids!" she noted.  

Reportedly the world's first popup wedding chapel, the Cosmopolitan's Pop Up Chapel offers a variety of wedding packages, including vow renewal, commitment and both legally binding and "faux" marriage ceremonies, complete with an illuminated aisle that looks a little like a high fashion runway, so Pejic should have been right at home. 

The "Hitched in a Hurry" option includes party favours and two Molla Space "eraser rings" dispensed from a gum ball machine

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via the cosmopolitan's facebook page

Pejic's Pop Up prank coincides of course with a heated debate on same sex marriage in the United States. 

Next month the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two potentially landmark court cases on the subject. Yesterday, lawyers representing parties challenging California's controversial Proposition 8 amendment - which in November 2008, overturned Californian Supreme Court legislation that enabled same sex couples to legally marry in that state - urged the Supreme Court to allow gay marriage nationwide. It is anticipated that Barack Obama may do the same

Who is Duran?

A 21 year-old New York native who designs an accessories brand called Adeen. Duran and Pejic were in Las Vegas on a work trip - Duran attending the POOLTRADESHOW and Pejic on other work according to his Australian agency (which hinted that there is some potentially big news regarding Pejic due to break within a week). 

Duran's name might not be as familiar as Pejic's, but some may recall seeing the latter modelling some of Adeen's slogan caps last year - specifically, the "C***" cap:



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