Monday, February 11, 2013

Miranda Kerr on how to avoid a wardrobe malfunction

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As far as wardrobe malfunctions go, they don't get much more embarrassing than Anne Hathaway's experience at the premiere of Les Misérables in New York on December 10. Hathaway had chosen a dramatic Tom Ford ensemble for the occasion: a black gown with a thigh-high split over a pair of knee-high gladiator boots. And not much else, as it unfortunately emerged when she alighted from her limo to a blaze of paparazzi flashes - and a knicker-less Hathaway flashed them back. The photos, naturally, travelled around the world. After spotting some recent images of our own Miranda Kerr emerging from a limo looking pulled together and intensely focussed, frockwriter thought we would pick her brains on the subject at last week's David Jones show

I was in interested in your thoughts on Anne Hathaway's recent wardrobe malfunction.
I actually didn't know about it. But how to avoid that... I mean, you do your best. Victoria's Secret has some really great little, skin-coloured underwear... little nipple covers if that's what you need to wear [below, 'Gel Petals']...strapless, braless... They have a bra that goes, like, multiple ways. It really helps. 
victoria's secret's 'gel petals' via
I saw some recent shots of you getting out of a car for an event in a bright red dress [above; as it now emerges, they were shots of Kerr on January 10 taken during a photoshoot for the new Qantas limo service]. You really looked like you had your game face on.
Did I?

Annie [Kelly/Kerr's Australia PR] said she thought it was the Golden Globes, but your Globes dress wasn't bright red from memory.
No it was maroon...burgundy. 

Jason Wu?
Zuhair Murad. You've got nice eyelashes.

Oh, thank you. Whatever the event was, you got out of the car and looked completely pulled together and ready for action... like [as if telling the paps] 'Come on'.
Come on....yeah. 

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
Yes I have - twice. Once in Milan and once in the Victoria's Secret show. Not this year but the year before. 

How did you recover from it?
I just laughed. I mean, even here on the runway tonight, I didn't pause long enough at the end. Because you kind of have to stand until all the girls are there. So we did one pose on the one side and then I did one pose on the other side and then just thought, 'Come on, let's speed things up, everyone's seen it, there's no need to stand there any longer' and then I accidentally...I just turned around, but it was too soon. Which is actually the first time that I've done that. I normally stay and wait for a while, just to make sure. But this time I was like, 'OK, let's just go'. 

I think the issue with Anne Hathaway's disaster is that she wasn't wearing any underwear at all. And of course it wasn't terribly charitable of the paps to take the shots and sell them but, well, there she was and so were they. 
Yeah. Next time, maybe Victoria's Secret.


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