Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blessed by Victoria Beckham

victoria, victoria beckham via
If you’re going to make a splash, it might as well be with the blessing of a former Spice Girl. Frockwriter mentioned that Sydney agency Priscillas was predicting big things for new face Gabby Dover. Make that of Beckham proportions. Dover made her runway debut overnight at New York Fashion Week modelling for Victoria Beckham’s younger diffusion line Victoria, Victoria Beckham. And not only that.

In a Tweet overnight to her 5.3million followers, the pop starlet-turned-legit designer Tweeted a shot of Dover taken at the VB studio during fittings, noting she was “obsessed” with the 18 year-old from Berry, NSW, who has been modelling for all of three weeks:

screen cap/victoria beckham's twitter

Dover has other New York show options and will then move on to London Fashion Week and, pending how things go, possibly then the Milan and Paris show. 


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