Friday, March 1, 2013

Factory girl

cameron hammond

Maddison Watling currently loads clothes onto trucks at a western suburbs factory for a living. Another brand new face from Sydney agency The Agency Models, we have a hunch she might be considering different type of fashion gig in future.

Scouted by The Agency Models' Rachel Gill literally on the stairs at Town Hall Station a fortnight ago, 22 year-old Watling had never modelled a day in her life. 

Nor, surprisingly, had the striking 5'10" brunette ever previously been approached by an agent. 

Truth be told, model scouts have possibly been a little thin on the ground in Campbelltown, Watling's home town in Sydney's gritty west - not to mention Lidcombe, where she works as a supervisor in a factory that ships clothes for an online retailer. We hear that Watling herself loads the clothes at the back of the plant. 

Considering that Krystal Glynn, another The Agency Models find, hails from Penrith (but was scouted on Bondi Beach) perhaps a few agents will be hitting that M4 motorway. 


photos: supplied exclusively to frockwriter by the agency models

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