Thursday, March 21, 2013

Showcards: Viviens Model Management (men) - MBFWA SS 13/14

gene aliluev via viviens model management

Part VII in frockwriter’s MBFWA Spring/Summer 2013/2014 showcards series – the men of Viviens Model Management. Including... the world’s first model barrister?

Evgeny “Gene” Aliluev is a 24 year old Russian Kiwi, who was born in Vladivostok and grew up between Russia and New Zealand, where he still has family. He is currently living in Australia.

Interestingly, while university credentials are not unusual amongst the Australian male modelling pack, we are not aware of any other local models who are currently working who also have legal qualifications. Aliluev graduated last year with a Bachelor of Law/Commerce from Auckland University – where he also founded the Russian Student Society and acted as its "head of public relations" according to his LinkedIn page. 

Last year Aliluev was also admitted as both a solicitor and barrister to the High Court of New Zealand. In New Zealand (and some Australian states) there is no formal distinction between the two professions. Whereas in, say, NSW, a solicitor needs a practising certificate issued by this state's Bar Association.

During his studies, Aliluev worked as a voluntary paralegal at the Waitakere Community Law Service in Auckland and for four months last year, at Meredith Connell Barristers and Solicitors. While at the latter, he gained first-hand experience with the firm’s marquee, long-running Commerce Commission/air cargo cartel case, which investigated 13 airlines over price fixing on cargo freight. Singapore Airlines is the seventh airline to settle on the case to date, with a NZ4.1million fine - which makes the AUD 100,000 fine imposed on five Australian model agencies (including Viviens) in the mid 1990s by our ACCC look like peanuts.

Needless to say, when Aliluev has had enough of posing for photographers and strutting the runways, there is no shortage of litigation work in the modelling industry.

Also new to MBFWA via Viviens this year are:

Michael Chaffen, 19, Sydney
Jack Tyerman,19, Sydney
Levi McLean, 18, Sydney
Jye Williams, 21, Queensland
Harry Newbould, 23, UK (Australian resident)
Matt Benfell, 25, UK (living in Sydney for a year)
Konrad Steffensen, 23, Queensland
Benjamin Condie, 20, NSW
Mason Roberts, 23, Perth

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