Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anaessia's Sue Vanikiotis gets her mitts on Karl Lagerfeld

Frockwriter told you that promising RAFW newcomer Anaessia was showing at New York Fashion Week. And that Anaessia designer Sue Vanikiotis bumped into Vera Wang while in the Big Apple. Well, demonstrating that Sue and husband Nick Vanikiotis are as canny marketers as they are highend eveningwear specialists, here’s a brand new fash tourist shot of Sue with none other than Karl Lagerfeld, into whom the duo bumped at famed Parisian emporium Colette over the weekend. The encounter was in between appointments at the Tranoi trade show during Paris Fashion Week. Kaiser Karl was, they report, surrounded by five bodyguards.


jemook said...

Sue is amazing. She designed my sisters wedding dress and created an amazing piece which people are still talking about a year on. It's great to see her moving up in the fashion scene and she deserves all the success in the world. The Anaessia collections are inspiring and I'd also like to mention that she is a very sweet and humble person. Go Sue!

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