Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pru Goward channels Mad Men for SoHi Magazine

kylie coutts/sohi magazine

Behold Australian politician Pru Goward in the sophomore edition of SOHI Magazine – which, for those unfamiliar with goings on in the NSW Southern Highlands (a fave weekend haunt of many Sydney fashion, film etc folk, including Nicole Kidman), is shaping up to be the creative version of the glossy, bi-monthly, glorified luxury property catalogue High Life. Snapped by Kylie Coutts, Goward - the Member for the seat of Goulburn and the state Shadow Minister for Community Services and Women - wears a vintage 1950s pink linen dress and hunting cape as she stars alongside several other local highprofilers (notably, fashion retailer Belinda Seper, below) in a retro-nosed spread called, hilariously, 'Role Models'.

kylie coutts/sohi magazine

According to SOHI’s editor, the Exeter-dwelling photographic agent Rebecca Wolkenstein, the spread was inspired by 1950s German photographer Regina Relang and is in keeping with the mid-century ambiance of the rest of the issue, which features the work of noted graphic designer/illustrator Don Fish.

Of course, any pop culture aficionado will take one look at Goward’s image and note, “Um, doesn’t she look like one of the secretaries or long-suffering homemaker wives in Mad Men?”.

That is, the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning AMC series which depicts the shenanigans in and around a fictitious early 1960s Madison Avenue ad agency, during the still halcyon days of chauvinism and racism, prior to the passing of the 1963 Equal Pay and 1964 Civil Rights acts. The old skool typewriter and teacup props really don’t help things.

Goward is of course the former federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Commissioner Responsible for Age Discrimination with the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. And who noted of her first day in NSW parliament two years ago, "I have never worked in any profession as male-dominated or as ruthlessly sexist as this. I was quite shocked by it."

She would have loved Sterling Cooper.


DARIAN ZAM said...

Goward portrait is not hot.

Anonymous said...

Are you for real Darian? Because if that isn't a joke, you are a fool. She is the FEDERAL SEX DISCRIMINATION MINISTER. You know, the one who makes it so women can be valued for more than being "hot"?

Alyx said...

Was, anonymous, was the Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Under John "a couple who each earn 50% of the family's income will be taxed at a hugely higher rate than a couple where the family income is split 80-20, and gosh seeing as how men in general earn more than women isn't it just more sensible economically for mum to not work very much... we're giving women a choice!" Howard. She did a really excellent job of helping women go right back to the era she's dressed in. She does look pretty ferosh for a conservative though.

DARIAN ZAM said...

Oh, Indeed, it's a revolutionary day when a genius has to state the obvious to a "fool".
Yes I am for real.
Please explain why a sex discrimination minister would pose as a secretary in an era which was almost the zenith of discrimination,role playing, outmoded ideas? I mean, Perhaps she is taking a plate of fruit with fresh coffee to Sterling when she has finished doing his typing. I'm with FW on this one. What was she thinking?Where's the catch in the styling that makes a statement ?

Was there no-one on hand to say, "Bad move, Prue?"

And by the way, yours is the mind that goes straight to sex, when I mean style, with the word "hot".

Hot under the collar over there perhaps?
Come out, come out, anon and fight the good interweb fight.

Anonymous said...

"Hot", was your choice of words Darian. On this forum, saying that a picture is not "hot" with no further explanation of what you mean has obvious connotations. I am sure that you can see how your comment could be construed as a reference to attractiveness, and how that could then be seen as trolling considering how insulting and inflammatory the image is already. We are on the same team. Put the hackles away :-)

DARIAN ZAM said...

And I stand by my choice of words at any given moment.

Are you the same Anonymous that posts on millions of blogs and forums all over the interweb?

I thought you sounded familiar.

RW said...

from the editor of the mag (me):

There was no irony intended. We just wanted to show that women can be beautiful at any age. We think all of you guys take things a little too seriously but we're glad people out there are thinking critically.

It's the most apolitical shoot you could ever imagine.

The shoot was to be enjoyed. They all look stunning, don't you think?

DARIAN ZAM said...

There hasn't been this much excitement and friction since the whole Cassie Van Den Dungheap affair.

Where's Charlotte Dawson to put her ten cents in on this thing?

And no, I think Prue could have shown off a little more of her lady lumps. That'sd bring the votes rollin' in. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Darian, no I am not a random blog ranter (you on the other hand...?). Because you are so interested my name is Emily. I won't say my last name because you frighten me. I now withdraw from this debate. Yes I am chicken and you are arrogant. Hope your opinions and your forceful (yet poorly selected) use of language sees your disproportionate amount of blogs getting loads of attention.

DARIAN ZAM said...

Oh Emily,
Clearly all I ever wanted was your undivided attention. Now I can curl up and die (arrogantly yet) happily.
You have proved beyond a doubt, that I am just a vapid shell trying to pass for a human with a skerrick of morals. I pale and crumble in front of your superior being.
I do hope the selection of words on my tombstone isn't as poor so best I avoid composing it myself and get you to scribble it for me,

Blog Ranter (that's a new one)

Style On Track said...

Not loving this shot, not loving Mad Men either, haven't we come far enough to step away from this demeaning decade as women?

rebekah barnett said...

Best shots of Belinda Seper I've seen in a long time. Funny that such a ball breaker fits the 50's Lady Of The House stereotype to a T.

Anonymous said...

I think the image of Pru is meant to be ironic folks.

DARIAN ZAM said...

oh heck, the light just switched on. thanks!

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