Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fly-by shoot in the Highlands

Sonny Vandevelde and I have a double-page spread in the latest issue of WWD Scoop magazine, which came out yesterday. It's a feature on the NSW Southern Highlands, its iconic properties - which include Nicole Kidman's sprawling new Bunya Hill estate - and the region's newfound favour with the Sydney fashion crew. One veeeeeeery cold weekend in August, we whizzed around to a few hotspots.

We shot at Milton Park, Centennial Vineyards and also popped in to see Chic Management's Kathy Ward at her farm in Kangaloon.

Ward is one of a plethora of Sydney fashion/modelling peeps who have either moved down and commute to Sydney, or else have weekenders.

And as it emerges Ward, who reps Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Miranda Kerr and Myf Shepherd, among many others, is not only shuttling her children and horses between Sydney and Kangaloon on weekends.

As she told me:
"If any models are staying with me, part of the deal is they have to come down to the farm with me".

While down on the farm, Sonny discovered a hidden talent.

We know he's a model whisperer - but who knew he had such a knack with horses?

Up the front of the same issue Sonny's buddy (and Paris shows flatmate), model-turned-photographer Iekeliene Stange, has her own DPS of backstage shots that she took during New York Fashion Week.

So Sonneliene strike again, kind of.

Let's call it the Sonnepatteliene issue.


Imelda Matt said...

I've been waiting to see these shots, is this a part one of two posts?

Patty Huntington said...

oh no not another 2-parter!

these are just some of my crapola shots snapped here and there while sonny was shooting. the spread has nine shots in total, including an extremely cute one of kathy leading badger the terribly obliging shetland, with three kids on his back.

sonny will probably blog some of the off-cuts that weren't sent through. when he eventually comes up for air from paree.

Bryanboy said...

1) J Lo looks like the third Olsen.

2) I'm still having a hard time digesting that I'm taller than Sonny because he does look tall in pictures.

3) I love horses!

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