Monday, April 30, 2012

MBFWA Spring/Summer 12/13 live blog: Australian Fashion Week UNCUT

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Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week is here and a quick word, as per tradition, about how to navigate Frockwriter's coverage. I am doing something a little bit different this year: a collab with another Sydney-based blogger, Emma Ashton at Reality Ravings. Emma is Australia's leading authority on the absolutely exploding genre of reality television. We have been Twitter mates for a while and recently tossed some ideas around about a joint venture for Fashion Week. The idea we eventually came up with: a tandem live blog covering all angles of the event. Why reality tv? You can't surely have failed to notice an incredible convergence between fashion and reality television of late, with a growing number of fashion-focussed reality shows, from the Next Top Model franchise to Project Runway and Fashion Star. There is a particularly big focus on realty tv at this year's Australian Fashion Week, with former winners and contestants of AusNTM modelling (you will recognise a few of them above), a Project Runway winner on the runway, alongside US reality show star Whitney Port, among many other reality tv connections. Here are the nuts and bolts of our coverage, below – and just to clarify, this post is totally ungated/unmetered, i.e. it is not part of Frockwriter's new subscription service. It is 100% free to view in other words – as is our new pop-up blog, Fashion Week UNCUT.

Covering major fashion weeks is challenging for every reporter – but particularly so for small, independent operators like bloggers. You wind up with a massive volume of content and little time or resources to produce it. Just like the print reporters do each day as their daily deadlines approach, you have to make decisions about which shows you will miss so you can process the content you already have to hand. This inevitably means that you miss shows. That's a shame, but it is unavoidable.

In order to attempt to cover all angles of this year's event, Emma and I have launched a dedicated, popup blog - UNCUT. Frockwriter will not be updating throughout the week. I will gather material as I go, however, to put up in the coming weeks.

For the duration of this week, you will be able to simply click through to UNCUT via the flashing red button to the right of this page.

You can follow my regular Twitter, Facebook and Posterous photo feed ('Fashion Week Live') coverage, but all that and much, much more will be pulled into UNCUT as we move throughout each day.

We are aiming to cover everything in some way. From Twitter commentary to video – both live-streamed and pre-recorded – in addition to lots and lots of photos. We hope to be able to bring you something from every runway collection. Technical issues notwithstanding, that is our aim. To this end, also joining the team are Anielka Troche and Anthony Mai.

From backstage to the front row, inside and outside, we will be all over MBFWA. Our motto is: we can't promise to be slick, but we will be quick.

So join us!


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