Monday, March 15, 2010

A chat with Michael Angel

This blog has talked about New York-based Australian designer Michael Angel on several occasions. First, when his collection popped up in US Vogue, before there was a peep out of its Australian counterpart (which has yet to cover his work, reports Angel). Then we interviewed him via phone backstage, moments before he opened New York Fashion Week. Frockwriter just returned from a Calvin Klein dinner at Cutler & Co in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, where we finally got to meet Angel in person. Calvin Klein Collection designer Francisco Costa and the company's head of communications, Malcolm Carfrae, will both talk at the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival's Business Seminar on Friday. Later today, Angel will take part in something called the Designer Forum. Here's a preview of a few points he will be discussing. The only quiet place we could find was the loo - hence the dim lighting - so we locked ourselves in one cubicle and filmed away.


DARIAN ZAM said...

The constant crowing about homegrown talent. "Australia IS good enough! " They trumpet emptily. Trumpets are full of hot air as well.
A lot of Australian magazines STILL follow the lead of OS publications. You'd think after decades they would have learned by now...but no...and there's no reason not to be "on to it" in this digital age when all information is pretty much at your fingertips, at the click of a Google search button - at it's most simplistic, so really, no hope.

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