Thursday, August 14, 2008

In (American) Vogue: Michael Angel

us vogue via michael angel

One day he’s opening New York Fashion Week, the next Michael Angel lands a feature in one of the world's most high profile fashion glossies.

In a post overnight on his blog, the New York-based Oz expat designer presented readers with a scan of a feature that has just been published on him in the September 2008 edition of US Vogue.

Sadly Angel does not appear to have scanned a highres version of the editorial, so it’s impossible to make much out beyond the headline:

And the intro:
“An Aussie artist’s canvasses are his bold, colour-rich dresses”

Together with a shot of the designer accompanied by three models wearing looks from his Fall/Winter 0809 collection.

Here is one of the dresses just shot by US Vogue, which previously featured on the website:

Understandably, Angel is over the moon about the feature.

He tells readers, in no uncertain terms:

“OK so today was landmark- not just landmark - but fucking landmark!”

He adds:
“i grew up with this magazine, it constantly inspired and motivated me. And now I'm in there! To not sound too corny - this is really what i dreamed of and it's becoming a reality....The US Vogue team have been so supportive and responsive to what I'm doing from the beginning- i couldn't ask for more and it doesn't get any better then this".

Angel does not mention anything about dreaming of an appearance in Australian Vogue and nor is it clear from his other blog posts what, if any, editorial may have been done on him in the local edition.

A list of international Vogue sites are rattled off on Angel's blogroll, but does not appear to be one of them.


Bryanboy said...

What's the term you told me back in RAFW, Patty? I keep on forgetting that....

Patty Huntington said...

Cultural cringe?

Helen said...

Love your observation ;)

Amazing achievement for Michael Angel, I don't remember him every appearing in VA.

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