Monday, March 1, 2010

Olivier Zahm christened "Smegmacula" by Vanity Fair

purple diary

Long time no Olivier Zahm update. Zahm, the editor of French T&A art magazine PURPLE FASHION magazine has been a regular on this blog, notorious not only for his resemblance to the late Australian lothario Michael Hutchence, but his propensity to post nude photos of himself and endless raunchy - some have suggested exploitative - images of women, interspersed with pics of his primary school age daughter Asia. Well someone has just accorded Zahm an extremely colourful moniker, but it’s not an anonymous hater on an under-the-radar web forum. Contributing editor of Vanity Fair, George Wayne has worked for the high profile US magazine for almost twenty years as, according to his bio notes, "the magazine’s intrepid Q&A correspondent and distinguished cultural arbiter, conducting his trademark, candid interviews with scores of subjects, from actors to politicians, to fellow journalists”. Here is what Wayne had to say about Zahm on the VF Daily blog on the Vanity Fair website on Thursday. Talk about candid:

“There is this smelly-looking Frenchman who swanned onto our social scene a few seasons ago who clearly fancies himself as the cat’s pajamas. He created and currently edits one of those edgy fashion magazines with an astute following. “Smegmacula,” as the G-Spot will refer to him henceforth (think “Smegma” meets “Dracula”), considers himself the hipster-louche playmaker of the Gotham demimonde. When G.W. spots the ubiquitous night crawler out and about, orchestrating a moment inside the scene’s chicest bon-chic-bon genre, one cannot help but wax poetic: “Oh, there’s Smegmacula. Wow—that purple crown of his must be ripe and florid right about now.”

purple diary

Wayne also recently distinguished himself by swallowing a Swarovski crystal during an episode of Kell on Earth, the new reality series of New York fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone.

Perhaps he’s still suffering the aftereffects.

Or perhaps Vanity Fair parent Condé Nast is simply feeling the indie heat in the midst of the media bloodbath.


Anonymous said...

Having just read that referenced GW written article, I have to say that's some of finest bitchy posturing I've seen in ages. LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

OZ is f***ing gross.
The girls he shoots are gross.
The purple diary and the desperation of some it's more unknown subjects to be featured on it (and willingly exploited) makes him no more than the fashion industry's Cobrasnake, albeit with more seemingly credible friends.
Not to mention he should stick to publishing, not photography, as it's often noted how entirely devoid of any artistic merit his pictures are. Because taking the odd filthy snapshot of whatever wannabe he picked up at Avenue or Gramercy not only makes me feel like my eyes just caught herpes, but worse, it's just REALLY boring.

C***** said...

I agreed he's f**cking gross, I mean I understand the talent Terry R. (his best friend) have in photography, but his pictures sucks but its just his diary after all, thank god he didnt put them in Purple...

And seeing him in parties always drunk (or looks like it) with his stupid glasses, with crew of models that just wants to be in Purple. But NO, girls, you gonna finish in his hotel room and if you lucky on purple diary in the sex category...

But speaking of him, make me think of all his crew of Cobrasnake, Cory K. & co. ...
I still dont understand why those peoples have front row at the runway shows... please, standing!!
First they look like bored, and second they dont know shit about fashion!

Anyway, fashion needs to rethink their all celebrity/marketing system. NOW!

Adellie Blogger said...

Have You read his latest interview published on Patty? slash anyone else? I won't touch on the issue of his photography, ahem, skills, seeing as I have only recently stumbled upon his "work" (I am already making him sound like a pig but... to each his own!)

He made some really good, and I thought somewhat intelligent, comments about the way fashion magazines are, and will always continue to be a creative medium and remaion that way for as long as fashion exisits. And he also compared magazines and fashion publication to online versions and mentioned something like the internet is not so much a creative medium, but moreso a communicative one. Seeing as I want to get into magazines myself- his points really struck a chord with me- a very good read if you've got the time!!

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