Thursday, May 13, 2010

The bloggers of RAFW Part 1: Aych blog's Hannah McArdle

For those who followed my RAFW coverage on Twitter, this particular video will be a repeat: a quick chat with Auckland’s Hannah McArdle of Aych Blog. It was part of a short series of blogger interviews I shot at last week's event. Given that it only went on frockwriter’s Posterous feed (where it has nevertheless been viewed over 650 times), I wanted to blog the bloggers of RAFW series in order here, so voilĂ .


Anonymous said...

Adore your blog Patty. Can't conceive why you bat so hard for bloggers who have half your attention to detail, work ethic and insight. Just because they're bloggers and not print journos?

The Style Hive said...

I love Hannah! I think shes awesome!!

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