Thursday, May 13, 2010

The bloggers of RAFW Part 2: An Australian Wintour's Megan Aney

As part of frockwriter's bloggers of RAFW series, here is a short interview with Gold Coast-based Megan Aney, from An Australian Wintour.


Anonymous said...

Why is this woman at fashion week? Not only did she not even know who Gary Bigeni is, but she didn't even spell his name right. Also, I question anyone who names their blog An Australian Winter.

Patty Huntington said...

because she was accredited by the organisers - and invited to designers' shows, that's why. we know nothing about you however. if you are a random commenter who just doesn't like megan's blog, there's a simple solution here: don't read it. but of course you could be one of megan's competitors, attempting to undermine her. perhaps even someone megan thinks she knows. there's quite a bit of that going around.

as for fashion expertise, i recall reading one fashion story in an australian broadsheet not that long ago, in which the fashion editor referred to calvin klein as if he was still designing his label. and another fashion editor who recently admitted she had never heard of christian siriano.

big whoop if she didn't know who gary bigeni was. she does now.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a pretty big deal.

Had she been a well versed freelance journalist on the rise - with say, no industry contacts but a lot of knowledge banked up in the grey - there's no way she would have been accredited. Or by the same token, a passionate fashion student who knew his/her Bigeni's from their Balenciaga's.

It's just IMG's way of jumping on the blogger bandwagon.

She was given a real opportunity here; surely some homework on her part was required. As a rising blogger, I would have researched the sh!t out of the schedule to make sure I was well prepared. There's no excuse for laziness - print or digital.

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