Friday, August 13, 2010

Valley girls

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Had a bit of a manic Tuesday. Flew to Brisbane to moderate and talk at a fashion seminar convened by the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE. The panel included sass & bide’s operations manager Stephen Carter, who regaled the room with details of the brand’s manufacturing logistics, quality control, what designers Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke look for in hiring and the revelation that the latter prefer to move on to new designs, rather than repeat best-sellers in-season. Also on the panel: Brisbane-based Subfusco designer Joshua Scacheri, Ethical Clothing Australia’s Emer Diviney and Molly Williams, agent Jess Meester, Hot Tuna founder Jo Meldrum and Bright Bots designer Jodi Baker. Dashed from TAFE straight to Scacheri’s boutique in hip Brisbane fashion hood Fortitude Valley, where who should be waiting but surviving Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 contestants Kathryn Lyons and Amanda Ware, together with ANTM model mentor Josh Flinn.

Grabbed these shots and the following quick video iv with the girls.

Apologies for the poor quality. I flicked on the camera light, which appears to have distorted not only the picture, but also the sound quality. It is, however, quite clear if you listen to the iv with headphones. 

So what was the ANTM connection?

All were en route to the group Schwarzkopf show later that evening, as part of the Brisbane Fashion Festival. Scacheri's Subfusco collection was included in the show.

Flinn and Scacheri share the same publicist (Mother and Father PR), which dispatched Flinn to the show - with Flinn dragging along his two Brisbane-based ANTM charges as a favour.

But their ANTM chops did not apparently cut much mustard with the Brisbane Fashion Festival organisers.

After being denied front row seats alongside Flinn, Ware and Lyons wound up going home instead, still dressed in Scacheri's clothes.   

(L to R) kathryn lyons, josh flinn, amanda ware and joshua scacheri


Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Nawww Joshhhh. He's a darling. So stoked you came to Bris :)

Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahaha. "After being denied front row seats alongside Flinn, Ware and Lyons wound up going home instead still dressed in Scacheri's clothes." God you really are just so pathetic. Was that really necessary?!

Patty Huntington said...

well no, given that at most major international fashion weeks, PRs will usually always squeeze in last-minute celebs (to the point of keeping some seats deliberately vacant), i gather it wasn't necessary at all.

this was the scene at tuesday night's show, as described by flinn's minders.

they report that they had no luck persuading the brisbane fashion festival organisers to have ware and lyons seated alongside flinn. the excuse offered was that there was no room. i gather flinn's camp wasn't very happy about the situation.

Anonymous said...

They seem like two very sweet young women Patty. Thanks for sharing.

wekilledCOUTURE. said...

Probably because they had Erin McNaught who was more of a celebrity than having the entire cast of ANTM there.

And Josh is one of the loveliest men i've ever met. Wonderful.

Madeleine Louise

Francesca said...

I think, it was "exiting gracefully" for the 2 girls. Even if they went home, they were still fab cause of what they were wearing! I was looking at the group picture--they're beautiful, very!

@Patty: The video is not as bad as you somehow described it would be :) To me its a cool video you took!
I am jealous of you because of what you do! I uber love fashion! fashionistas ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, without meaning to did you just give away the final 2 ATNM contestants...Why would Josh Flinn have those 2 flank him, if not for a press op?

Patty Huntington said...

i think it's coincidental that these two particular contestants live in brisbane and could pop over - as a favour to flinn. this was not organised by foxtel. but it was, i am assured, cleared by foxtel's publicity department.

just out of interest, were any of the three QLD ANTM contestants invited to any other BFF events? it's a record-breaking show with a huge following and at the time of the festival, all three had yet to be eliminated on air so they are still in the running to win. hard to understand why they wouldn't be a little more visible at their home state's big fashion event.

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