Monday, August 9, 2010

Codie Young cracks the cover of Vogue

thom kerr

Well it seems a Vogue exclusive is not Codie Young’s only coup. The 17 year-old Sunshine Coast schoolgirl, who has been modelling for just four months and is currently appearing in a series of editorials exclusive to Vogue Australia, is due to appear on the cover of the October 2010 edition. That's what frockwriter's sources report editor Kirstie Clements told "20-30" people, including Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, at the Valentino retrospective launch at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art on Friday night as she introduced Young to the room. Young was Clements' special guest at the event. No response yet back from Vogue's rep Now confirmed by Vogue. Young’s Gold Coast-based mother agent Summer Fisher from Busy Models says she knew she had a potential star on her hands when she spotted Young en route to the movies at Maroochydore’s Sunshine Plaza in April and hooked her up with New York model agency DNA (and Viva in Paris/London), before even signing Young herself.

“I signed her in New York first but I wasn’t sure if Australia would get her look basically” Fisher tells frockwriter. “But obviously they do, if she’s on an exclusive for Vogue. Everyone has embraced her”.

Young walked in the Myer show last Thursday, but not the David Jones show two days beforehand, because she is under the latter retailer’s minimum runway age of 18. She also walked in one Brisbane Fashion Festival show.

Fisher reports that Young has been optioned for the shows of a major international fashion name for the Spring/Summer 2011 season, which kicks off in New York next month.

Fisher has however made the decision not to send her overseas until January, in preparation for a full season of shows – and not just one company's collections.

"If she hit it really big at the shows and everyone wanted to shoot her, they wouldn’t be able to because she would have needed to be back at school to finish year 12 and they would just move on to the next girl" says Fisher. "That happened to two girls at DNA. It’s the worst possible thing when Steven Meisel wants to shoot someone and they can’t”.

Here is a selection of new test images of Young by photographer Thom Kerr.

all images: supplied exclusively to frockwriter by thom kerr


Anonymous said...

I think that is a good move on the mother agents part for holding back re NY. Thank God some one cares and has a brain for the long term rather than to make a quick buck off a teenager back for commissions!!

Codie may be a fantastic new face in the Australian market, though I dont think she should be limited to Australian Vogue if her career is being somewhat started here as Aus Vogue isnt really respected in the global market.
As a new girl, Aus Harpers,Russh, Summer Winter,Madison would be better for her internationally (as sadly aus vogue rates with Britain's Red's true). and who ever doesn't "get her " is obviously visually impaired or doesn't have a clue.
Saying this, far too many Aussie girls are being sent over to NY at the moment that are not ready,no training etc and all that does is hurt them. There is a buzz on aussie girls but IMHO it isnt being managed properly as there was one Aus model that shot with one of the biggest but may not work with him again as she was "stiff as a board" which is an example of bad management for sending a young girl far too early.
Models need to be ready both mentally and physically before they try and take on New York. With that hideous ratings cow-ANTM they have made the situation worse as well as the agencies that just throw who ever to what ever in the hope of making a quick fast buck.
Apologies for rambling on but I have to say that Codie's mother agent has made a serious good career move for her as opposed to the "well look what so and so is doing" rant that other agencies give young models.
Just me ranting and is not the gospel according to Merc.

Sara Louise said...

Inspirational pictures & great write ups.
Really lovely blog

Anonymous said...

I agree, a Vogue Australia exclusive may not be the wisest choice. Though, to be honest, I don't really *get* the hype with Codie Young, though you know, she does look good...

There was a Perth model with red hair who had a Vogue Australia exclusive for a while - she was in almost every month for a while. What happened with her?

I think Rosie Tupper is absolutely gorgeous, but I think the lack of visibility in other magazines has definitely hurt her, however judging from the The Fashion Spot thread on her she's trying to crack the overseas market. I'm not 100% sure if she had a Vogue Australia exclusive - sure seems like it though.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I'm dying to see more photos of Codie but have to wait until the next issue of Vogue... It would be great to see her in another context besides Australian Vogue's aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

Right, can't wait to see the October issue of VOGUE! Not many images floating around of her...

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