Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super Tuesday at David Jones


Tremendous effort this morning from David Jones. The retailer's corporate stewardship might be under a dark cloud of controversy at present thanks to a sexual harassment suit, but as far as fashion shows go, it was the best DJs show that this journalist could remember. "I'm rolling with the punches" new ceo Paul Zahra told frockwriter before the show, when asked how he is coping with his baptism of fire. Beyond the scandal that prompted the "mutual termination" of Zahra's immediate predecessor Mark McInnes on June 18 - which culminated in yesterday's shock news that the retailer is now being sued for A$37million - the company also had to contend with the sudden withdrawal of its expensive new fashion ambassador, Miranda Kerr, just a fortnight before its biggest fashion showcase of the year, after she eloped with her Hollywood fiancĂ© Orlando Bloom. The solution: wheel in some supermodel replacements. 

Sure, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil had walked in DJs shows before - years ago, prior to heading offshore to try their luck on the international fashion stage. Kershaw used to be a DJs youth ambassador. McNeil's last DJs show was in August 2007

But they returned today as modelling superstars, opening the show in tandem - in spite of reports that the show would be opened by Nicole Trunfio (who turned up a little later in the first swimwear section).

The cast was exceptional. 

Alongside Kershaw, McNeil, Trunfio, haute couture queen Alexandra Agoston and Stephanie Carta, the show included some of Australia's finest up-and-coming modelling talent, including Samantha Harris, Emily Wake, Meg Lindsay, Victoria Lee and the stupendous Ajak Deng - who arrived on a flight from New York earlier in the morning and headed straight to the show. Top of the list of brand new faces: Chic Management's exciting new name Rosemary Smith eighth shot from the bottom, below), who really stood out. 

After four years at various locations around the city trying to out-do Myer in the so-called seasonal "store wars", this season's "at home" location really worked: Djs' erstwhile designer floor on level seven

You could almost touch the models and you could see the details on the clothes and the accessories. 

The collections included snapshots from some of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week's best shows, including Camilla Franks' dazzling digital print kaftans, Zimmermann's geometric print tunics and leggings (but not the spectacular, fringed tabards, surprisingly) and Carla Zampatti's bold cocktail and eveningwear, as well as Akira Isogawa's vibrant floral print dresses that have not been seen on a runway.

The finale - a 40-exit ode to the nude evening gown trend, from every designer on the program - was both clever and subtle. 

Below are some backstage shots taken by frockwriter before the show.

Head to frockwriter's Posterous for our gallery of 57 runway shots - and also some of the shots we Tweeted live from backstage. 

all images: frockwriter


Anonymous said...

ah, rose is rosemary smith from viviens hardly a new face! chic are so full of it.

Patty Huntington said...

thanks. viviens' perth. i'd never seen her before - and kannon rajah, who was there yesterday, seemed interested. i see from her (year old) fashion spot thread that she seems to have done a couple of australian editorials and that's it.

Anonymous said...

well, not really.

With Vivs Sydney she has been to Japan twice, shot for Harpers x2, Marie Claire x3 times and Vivs negotiated the Vogue exclusive, once that was in place she was poached.

Done major advertising campaigns through vivs too...

She has been working steadily for over a year.

(this is not really a post but so i can update you on the sitch)

Adellie Blogger said...

As soon as I heard about Abbey Lee & Cat heading up the show for DJs I thought huge get. Yes, to the general public (ie David Jones average consumer/ target demographic) they may not be as well known as Miranda, but in terms of the modelling and high fashion biz (and MDC don't forget!) they are way ahead of Miranda- for that reason I almost can't believe DJs landed them both!

After all that, i'm confused as to why they chose to front with Nicole Trunfio?!?! I know A & C opened, but on TFS and all other press pics with all five main girls together (Sam Harris & Alex Agoston) it looks as though Trunfio is the main one... or am I just over analysing?!

After already nabbing camilla and marc from Myer, soon they'll be poaching Jess Hart. My-who?

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