Friday, October 22, 2010

Stolen Girlfriends Club has ordered 1000 jam jars for its Sydney party, but there won't be any Stolen Generation T-shirts

stolen girlfriends club AW11/kent vaughan
Next Thursday, Auckland hipster collective Stolen Girlfriends Club will stage its second Sydney shindig in five months, this time to unveil a new short film shot by renowned Kiwi snapper Derek Henderson, to promote SGC’s new Heavy Metal jewellery line. The film stars photogenic Kiwi lovebirds Dempsey Stewart and Jasper Seven modelling the inaugural collection, We Are Ugly But We Have The Music (below). Frockwriter has previously documented SCG’s predilection towards serving alcohol in jam jars at events and next week will be no different with, we are told, 1000 jam jars ordered for the occasion. One thing we won’t be seeing at the event, however, is an “I belong to the Stolen Generation” T-shirt, as appeared on SGC's runway in Auckland last month. 

After frockwriter asked just how well the T-shirts would go down in the Australian market – where the term The Stolen Generation refers to the generations of Aboriginal children removed from their parents by the Australian government – co-founder Marc Moore later told us that he and his partners Dan Gosling and Luke Harwood had previously been unfamiliar with the term and were horrified to learn what it meant in Australia. 
According to Moore, he and his brand-mates had originally been inspired by the iconic American “non-smoking generation” logo, down to the same font. 

The Stolen Generation T-shirt slogan has been canned reports Moore. The T-shirts will now read “I belong to the Broken Generation”.

Says Moore: 

“We changed it because it would have been incredibly insensitive to run it. Australia is one of our main markets and it’s close to home, so we want to make friends – not enemies. Sure our brand can be cheeky at times, but only as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone”.

Well, as long as you don't count those two pesky assaults after the last SGC show in Auckland.

screen cap 'heavy metal' by derek henderson for stolen girlfriends club
backstage, stolen girlfriends club AW10 show, auckland, september 2009

front-of-house at the stolen girlfriends club AW11 show, auckland, 23rd september 2010


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