Monday, October 11, 2010

Full frontal nude images of 18 year old Miranda Kerr to be released because her publicist "failed to make payment" - Tito Media

miranda kerr, 2002/screen cap

And Nicole Kidman thought she had problems with the Australian paparazzi pack. On Saturday, frockwriter revealed the name of the photographer whose eight year-old topless images of a then 18 year-old Miranda Kerr had been shopped around by Sydney photo agency Tito Media: Jasper Glavanics. Our sources reported that the highest bidder was London’s News of the World tabloid, after Tito Media asked the Kerr camp to match the NOTW’s price to get the shots off the market and they declined. Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper (which, like NOTW, is also owned by News Ltd) paid what it described as a “nominal fee” to reproduce two of Glavanics’ shots in a story yesterday entitled “Miranda Kerr’s naked fury”. Well if Australian gossip blog, OMFG! Is to be believed, the shots are not only soon be published, they are in fact full frontal. Why should OMFG! know what it’s talking about? Because in case you had any doubt about the snarky tone of the post, a couple of quick net searches reveal that OMFG! is operated by Tito Media.

Beyond some highly unflattering observations about Lyon, nee Tuhtan, the blog post, which is dated Sunday 10th September [and which we have saved as a screen cap] reports that:

“After promising picture agencies the financial strength to purchase the images and take them off the market, in truly amateur form Tuhtan failed to make payment, perhaps in a strategised delayed manner so they missed magazine deadlines. Taken in 2002, we now all have to wait an extra week to inspect these full frontal nudes”.

Charming, really. Lyon “failed to make payment” - as if she failed to drop off a paper bag full of cash to a secret location.

The post also mentions the imminent release of Kerr’s upcoming motivational book for teenagers, Treasure Yourself. The timing of the release of the photos seems more than coincidental

An earlier OMFG! post, dated September 6, refers to the imminent release of nude images of a "barely legal" Kerr. 

We also have OMFG! to thank for the additional revelation that Glavanics was not just a former colleague and friend, he was Kerr’s “room mate”.

Just a reminder that part of the terms and conditions of the sale of the photos, say our sources, was that Glavanics' name was to be suppressed from any publication. The Sunday Telegraph, which paid for two of Glavanics' images, did not name him and nor does OMFG! 



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