Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Village of the glammed

x-cape fw1011/fashion served via tfs
Frockwriter's favourite male model was conspicuous by his absence during the Spring/Summer 2011 womens show season, turning up on just one runway: London's KTZ show. Since he first emerged on the world stage at the Paris menswear shows in July and our last post on Pejic in August, regarding his starring role in a 12-page Mert + Marcus editorial for Vogue Paris, he has nevertheless continued to co-define fashion's androgynous moment (alongside Brazilian Lea T). Cases in point, editorials in Vogue Hommes Japan and the second issue of Candy, both shot by Karim Sadli (the latter calling itself "the first Transversal Style Magazine... dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transsexuality, cross dressing and androgyny"). Not to mention this intriguing Fall/Winter 2010/2011 campaign for Italian streetwear brand X-Cape shot by Erminando Aliaj (above, below), in which Pejic models both menswear and womenswear - in the latter shots managing to look like a dead ringer for Ukrainian supermod Snejana Onopka.

Over the northern summer Pejic also kicked back with his maternal grandmother Danica Savic in her Serbian village, located two hours from Belgrade.

While there, he was profiled by a local tv station. See below for the clip, which includes commentary by his proud grandma and various village locals (see update below), as well as a fantastic runway recreation on a local bridge.

But Pejic's best work could be just around the corner.  

Frockwriter previously mentioned he was shot by a major name for the November edition of a major international title opposite a top female cast. Still can't say what that is unfortunately, but we can reveal Pejic's co-stars for the shoot were Freja Beha Erichsen, Iselin Steiro, Iris Strubegger and Alla Kostromichova.

Pejic arrived in Tokyo yesterday, en route back home to Melbourne, where he is due to touch down next month.

UPDATE 13/10: Some Serbian-speaking readers (x 3) kindly provided a translation of the Serbian tv report which, on closer inspection, almost dehumanizes Pejic as a curiosity. With homophobia apparently rampant in Serbia, perhaps there's no surprise there. Here's a transcript:

REPORTER: Straight from Paris and London runways, this model goes back home to his village to visit his grandmother.
GRANDMOTHER: "I'm proud of him. He's gone off into the world and I wish him luck."
REPORTER: "Does Danica (grandmother) have a grandson or a granddaughter?"

GRANDMOTHER: (laughing) "I have both"
ANDREJ: "From birth I was a 'he' but now there is a balance between these two halves....."
REPORTER: Looks like nature has taken its course with Andrej or either he was not comfortable with himself in a man's body...

REPORTER: ...So he decided to make some changes. He started dying his hair and wearing makeup and from the age of 13...
REPORTER: ...stopped worrying about what others thought of him......but in his village, everyone seemed interested in him.
MAN IN HAT: "At five or six years old he was a great kid, then he went with his mother to Australia and something happened there".

GUY IN WHITE: "He was here last night with two girls from Australia. They were here drinking".
GIRL IN RED: "First time I saw him was on the bus and I had to keep looking cause I wasn't sure if it was a man/woman".
GIRL IN RED: "And then I realised it was a man".

LADY IN BLACK: "What's in the pants? How do we know?" (laughing)
ANDREJ: "I've never had any operations. I'm 18 yrs old, I'm not opposed to any plastic surgery but until now I haven't had any".
REPORTER: But who knows, maybe he will soon ...until then, Does Andrej have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
ANDREJ PEJIC: "Well now about my sexual orientation... I could talk about it... Maybe both attract me... But a comment is not relevant"
REPORTER: Let's look at a boy/girl closet (Camera is looking at clothes)....

REPORTER: He loves flip flops and high heels although he doesn't wear them often except during parades....

REPORTER: His grandmother is now showing us photos of him as a boy. He was very cute.
GRANDMOTHER: “Whatever he is like, he's ours and I wish him happiness and luck in his life”.
REPORTER: His life now revolves around working with the most famous fashion creators and he'll be doing both mens' and womens' parades.

all images: x-cape fall/winter 2010/2011, fashion served via TFS


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