Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And so this is Christmas

A quick Christmas thank-you to everyone who has checked in to this blog since it first went live on July 4. And particularly, to those who continue to check back into it on a regular basis and who have left comments, loved, hated, followed, talked about, talked up, tipped – and of course, linked. Mr Google Analytics says you hail from 136 countries and that in five months, you generated some 140,000 clicks. The bulk of it in the last couple of months, as the blog started to gather (a fraction of) momentum. It is still veeeeery early days of course. However I just wanted to thank you and say that your interest, comments, feedback, support – and even ripoffs – keep me motivated. Beyond regular readers, a couple of special shoutouts.

Firstly, to those who have singled out the blog, and/or this blogger, for mention on their blogs and interviews - in some cases time and time again. Your camaraderie and generosity really do restore my faith in the fashion media.

First and foremost, blogstar Bryanboy and the great unsung heroine of Oz fashion blogging, Helen Lee of Sassybella. Also Julie Fredrickson, Sonny Vandevelde, Matt ‘Imelda’ Jordan, Isaac Hindin Miller, Mike Hyunh, Erica Bartle, Paul Hayes and the peeps at PedestrianTV.

Secondly, to those on whose blogrolls frockwriter is nestled – and in several cases, alongside some very fast blog company.

They include Danny Roberts/Igor + Andre, Sophie Ward/Paper Castle Press, onehundredfiftytwo, 212 Dressing Room, I Am Not Expensive, Nicole Kidman's Forehead, Fashion Doohickey, Seventh Avenue Australia, Karen Magazine, Cantilevered Style, Tropic Girl, Fashion Herald, Wee Birdy, Clarence, Kara Craig, The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pretty Things, 123 BAM!, Cirol and The Happy Laboratory. I know I have left one or two out.

And lastly, the big-hitters who are not already mentioned above. Thanks for the link love - and traffic.

From Fashionologie to, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BlackBook, The UK Telegraph, Computerworld, The National Business Review – and Grazia (UK), which just picked up last week's Jessica Clarke story.

Have a wonderful Christmas guys, wherever you may be. And a very happy, healthy, safe and peaceful New Year.

I leave you with some Christmas cheer from vinylista Blythe.

Picture: Screengrab/BlytheTheatre.


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas to you too, Patty, i appreciate your REAL fashion Journalism as it should be...

sonny said...

HoHo !!

Paul said...

Cheers, Patty. Have a lovely Christmas and onwards and upwards in 2009.

Oh - the verification word for this comment is "stiletto", which is appropriately fabulous.

S.A.A. said...

Right back at you Patty! Thank you for the great work so far this year!

Bryanboy said...

Happy holidays Patty!

Wishing you the best of health, happiness and prosperity this 2009!

Anonymous said...

Rock on Patty! Merry Xmas! Thanks for keeping me entertain and amuse with your blog!

Helen said...

Merry Christmas Patty, hope you keep up the wonderful work in 2009!

And thanks for your lovely plug, it might sound really geeky but I still get a buzz when people give me personal plugs or pick up things I've posted about. We must bump into each other at AFW next year... you know, if I actually attend this time ;)

Isaac Likes said...

Merry Christmas Patty!
I have a special yuletide version of my favourite joke for you:

Knock Knock
(Who's there?)
Interrupting Santa Clause
(Interrupting Sa-)

Get it?

Paris is freezing but beautiful, enjoy the Sydney sun!

Julie said...

Aww thanks for the shoutout! And happy holidays. I'm not at Coutorture anymore though FYI! I've got scads of personal blogs though.,,, I've moved on to the wonderful world of interactive agencies now

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Thank you for the mention, Patty. *blush*
You have yourself a frocking and rolling Christmas too! x

Mike said...

the fashion train doesn't stop, keepin' on truckin'.

x mike

Anna Wintour said...

Merry Christmas Patty! Clearly this year Pedestrian gave you the gift of flattery - imitation is it's highest form after all.

whoozqueen said...

Thank you, Patty, I appreciate your insider knowledge and information, as well as your non-screechy approach to disseminating news.

Have a lovely xmas break!

Sophie Ward said...

I agree with anonymous # 1. "REAL fashion journalism". You hit the spot Miss Huntington. Kudos to your fashion writing. I'm a regular tuner-inner.
Thanks for YOUR support also my friend. It's nice to know there are great people on the other side of this screen upon which I type.
Amen, happy New Year!

jason said...

Merry Xmas Patty. You know I click on you every single day without fail. Keep up the amazing work! Big love from Tokyo! xxj

fashion herald said...

happy, happy holidays, and thanks for the mention, it's an honor! and thanks for your great blog, always a must read.

Edrick said...

<;-D a happy new 2009 year to you!


Hey Patty, you are very much welcome! i really enjoy reading your blog, i really do, and thanks for posting a link to my blog too.. hope to make it as big as you someday.. ^^ Happy New Year!! Let's have a fun filled 2009, shall we?

Anna said...

It's an honour to serve you in any capacity at all Patty. I adore your sass, wit and most of all your savvy instinct. I have a hunch that 2009 will only bring great things to this blog! Much love.

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

A belated thank you, merry Christmas and happy new year, Patty. I'm flattered and humbled to have been mentioned on your shout-out list.

Keep up the fantastic fashion journalism (you are always two stiletto steps ahead of the fash pack – don't know how you do it!) and may the clicks be with you in 2009!


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