Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coco Rocha: Ready for her Oz closeup

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Now that Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe have buggered off to, frockwriter hopes for their sakes, some pastoral bolthole that’s light years from any public thoroughfares and prying long-range lenses, Sydney’s stalkerazzi must be making lists of potential summer targets. Although a current face of YSL fragrance, Christian Dior and Chanel, Canadian Coco Rocha, the world number three ranked working model - and new redhead - is no household name in Australia. But like so many other models these days, who can’t seem to get enough face time during their working hours that they’re posting yet more kerr-azy shots of themselves and their – in some cases incoherent – ramblings on Facebook and their own blogs, one might assume that Rocha would be up for whatever Fawcett and co can dish out. Rocha told WWD last week, "I'm going to Australia for two months where no one can find me”. That’s what she thinks.

On Saturday, Rocha told readers of her new blog Oh So Coco!, “I'm not going to leave the beach until I return to New York”.

That should narrow things down.

In case of any ID problems, here’s Rocha’s official website.

And an amusing video, a kind of hybrid Cobrasnake/Sonnyphotos video/photoblog, in which she attention whores it with South African mate Behati Prinsloo and other sundry supes.


Anonymous said...

OMG how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! I love COCO she is soooooo funny!!!!

Anna Wintour said...

Here's hoping she wears her JPG mermaid outfit on Bondi Beach. That will result in attention.

Caroline said...

yawn. these vids and snapshots (or worse, incoherent ramblings) by models and their friends are super boring. it puts me off their real work, making it less believable.

imagine christy, linda or even naomi doing this?!

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