Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tallulah takes the veil

marcus ohlsson/velvet via TFS

And not before time. In July, Tallulah Morton’s mother agency in Sydney told frockwriter the then 16 year-old had a good shot at the August/September cover of indie Italian fashion magazine Velvet. That cover did not eventuate - and nor did Morton’s Spring/Summer 2009 runway season, which came to an abrupt halt after the New York leg. Four months later, after consecutive editorials in the magazine’s September and October editions, Morton has finally made Velvet’s January 2009 cover. Not yet out on the stands, this represents her first international magazine cover.

Thanks to The Fashion Spot for the scan – and Guillaume at the Marilyn agency in Paris for double-confirming that the Marcus Ohlsson shot is in fact Morton.

Given that her face is covered by a veil, it’s a little hard to tell.

Marilyn reports that Morton shot 15-18 pages of editorial with Ohlsson for this issue.

How much appears in the published edition remains to be seen, however the cover shot looks to have come from this lingerie editorial, which is similarly styled with a scarf wrapped around Morton’s face (somewhat reminiscent of the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb fragrance ad campaign).


John R said...

Do you consider her cover for NO Magazine to be international? I suppose it is only NZ, maybe you're going on when the issue will be on the stands. That'd make sense to me. No Magazine rules.

Patty Huntington said...

yes it would technically be international, but in any event the issue is not yet out. and by "out", evidently someone grabbed an advance copy of velvet and scanned it. not even the paris agency seemed to know morton was on the cover until i called. they then checked with the photographer. presumably the person who saw the advance copy saw morton's name on the cover credits and then included those details on the TFS thread. but i wanted to confirm it.

according to scene's website, and not counting one sunday magazine cover, tallulah has been on the covers of two issues of the now defunct follow magazine, and two issues of australian RUSSH. she is extremely well-known in this market, a big fish in a small pond etc.. while any cover is great of course, work outside of australasia, and particularly in europe and the US, is much more competitive.

Anna said...

It's great to see some good news about Tallulah, and some genuine work (as opposed to party shots). She IS a very good model.

On Track said...

I hope we see many more great Aussies getting international magazine recognition :)

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