Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Bryan" Phillippe gets yet another taste of Sydney's pap frenzy via gossip girls

It was difficult trying to talk to Abbie Cornish's beau Ryan Phillippe at last night's Calvin Klein bash. Or should we say "Bryan" Phillippe? After one photographer on the red carpet kept calling out "Bryan" each time he requested Phillippe turn his way. But frockwriter snuck in a couple of Qs. Was Phillippe surprised by Sydney's gung-ho snappers, who, earlier in the day, we had witnessed stake out the hotel? Phillippe laughed it off, replying, "Not really - to tell you the truth nothing would surprise me anymore". A few hours later, as it emerges, as Phillippe and Cornish arrived back at the Park Hyatt, Phillippe was involved in an altercation with a pap contingent. Jamie Fawcett's name has been mentioned, and certainly in some of the ensuing shots, that looks to be Fawcett in the blue T-shirt. Police reportedly were called - and while a shot of a police car is visible in some shots, NSW Police says that it has no record of any such callout, or indeed incident, in the vicinity that night. Phillippe also reportedly called out, "We're tired and I'm drunk", however the exact source is unclear. This has not made much difference to the raft of celebrity gossip blogs that have picked up the story, painting the incident as an unprovoked attack.

Calvin Klein might want to reconsider its accommodation options for the next VIP visits the company organises in Sydney.

The Park Hyatt, whilst offering breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour, seems far too exposed on multiple sides for high profile guests who are likely to be bothered in this way.

Today, the hotel was said to be still crawling with photographers, with one photographer's four-strong posse reportedly carefully vetting all cars as they exited the hotel's underground carpark, looking for Cornish/Phillippe getaway clues.

What is this, the Gestapo?

"It's like shooting wildlife" lamented one frustrated rival. "Wildlife photographers don't walk up to their subjects waving their arms and cameras. You keep your distance, using long-range lenses, if you're good at it noone would even know you are there".

On the red carpet last night, nearly every interviewer asked Cornish whether she was, as widely speculated, taking Phillippe back to her parents' Hunter Valley farm for Christmas.

The nanosecond the question was asked, a PR cut the interviewer off and shunted Cornish to the next person on the line.

Cornish and Phillippe are now said to have departed Sydney.

Let's hope that wherever they have gone, it's a long way from any public access thoroughfares and that they get to enjoy some downtime in peace and quiet.

I wouldn't count on it however.



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