Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Calvin Klein's latest obsession?


Meet Jessica Clarke. She’s a 15 year-old Kiwi, has been modelling for a mere month and says she already has an upcoming cover of Australia’s Frankie magazine in the bag (UPDATE 17/12 3.20pm: the Jan/Feb 09 issue, which came out today, funnily enough). Well it seems there's a chance Clarke might find herself with something a little bigger than Frankie on her agenda. Like, say, Calvin. That’s if rave reviews by Kevin Carrigan, the creative director of Calvin Klein, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans, are anything to go by.

clyne models

New York-based, Carrigan was in town for last night’s Calvin Klein party on Cockatoo Island, on Sydney Harbour.

After a two-day casting session, Carrigan flew Clarke to Sydney, booking her as one of 40 Australian and NZ models to take part in a static presentation within the party venue.

Wearing CK Calvin Klein collection, jeans, lingerie and eyewear, the models – who included Australians Stephanie Carta and Tallulah Morton - were positioned in and around three quite spectacular ‘lightscapes’, created by Australian Aboriginal artist Jonathan Jones.

Frockwriter had a quick chat with Clarke at the party afterwards.

clyne models

But here is what Carrigan had to say about her in an interview I did with him earlier in the afternoon.

Carrigan was talking about the casting session and what the company was specifically looking for.

“I was looking for more fresh faces. I think that’s what we’re about as a house as well. I think that we’re always about trying to discover somebody. And there’s one girl in particular... I feel we might have. I hadn’t seen her before we flew her in and there was this little video [made by her agency, Clyne Models] and she was literally walking in a backyard. It was so cool. To see like a runway showreel. She’s only been modelling a month, this was kind of like her second job. Because I liked the reel and I thought also, you get fresh, beautiful, just really... lots of energy too she has, which is really nice. It’s also about personality, especially with jeans - it’s denim”.

The CK Calvin Klein womens collection is due to be showcased in Milan in March.

Let's wait and see what transpires...



Anonymous said...

Ck in Milan in March?.. are they not showing in New York? ..or is that just Calvin Klein mainline?

Patty Huntington said...

sorry, yes, francisco costa's main line collection is showing in NY - in feb.

On Track said...

She is really fresh faced and gorgeous, I hope this little lady does well :)

Anonymous said...

well Frankie is doing well with predicting future stars, Valeria Erokhina's first cover was Frankie, Zippora Seven had a cover right at the beginning of her career and Sarah Stephens did a gorgeous cover for Frankie just before exploding internationally...

Rollergirl said...

What a nice story! PS, I LOVE Frankie magazine!

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