Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coco pops down

Oh So Coco

Frockwriter mentioned that the world number three moddle Coco Rocha was en route to Australia for a two month summer sojourn. Well OK, she's here. And judging by this shot just posted on her blog, she looks to be staying somewhere near the Toaster. Rocha reveals that she's travelling with her mum and slept for the first day. Which means, what... she didn't travel first class?

Two of our partners in crime - Bryanboy and Sonny Vandevelde - left comments, with Sunster offering to give Rocha a mini tour of Sydney. And BB describing Sydney as a "clean" city.

There's also a comment from one "Clover Moore" which says:

"Welcome to Sydney Coco! Make sure you visit Redleaf beach, go out on Oxford St, eat breakfast at Cafe Julia and dinner at Icebergs at least once before you leave".

No idea if it's the real Moore.

In the remote event it is, does that mean Sydney's Lord Mayor reads frockwriter??


marian said...

I love her and I have gone into maternal already - Coco is going to need hair sun screen and a hairdresser for a colour touch ups if the beach for two months is on her agenda. Being a new redhead she may not be aware of the dreaded red hair maintenance(or our harsh sun). I guess we will have plenty of pics to observe. LOL. I think she may just have the skin thing sussed.
SO who to be the hairdresser ?

new look women's clothing said...

Hi, thank you for the post. The look of this hair is soo great. great picture! looks first class to me...

Mike said...

I really like Coco, she's actually a fairly down-to-earth person but the shows and campaigns she usually is in, they make her look like a vampire slayer.

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