Monday, April 20, 2009

Members only: Purple people eater Olivier Zahm

olivier zahm self portrait/purple diary

When frockwriter recently asked is Olivier Zahm the new Michael Hutchence?, we did say that we looked forward to his future postings. And fashion’s favourite perv has not disappointed. In fact the more breasts, asses, twats and phalluses that Zahm posts in his three month-old personal photo blog Purple Diary, it is evident that the PURPLE FASHION magazine co-founder and editor is rapidly emerging as The Cobrasnake of the fashion elite. Make that the X-rated version. Warning: NSFW

While Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter shoots trashed punters, and trashed wannabe big time models, Zahm appears to have intimate access to the downtime of some of fashion’s biggest names, from Kate Moss to Mischa Barton, Lou Doillon, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Stefano Pilati.

And the vignettes of their private lives that are being documented by Zahm would probably make some of these players' respective PR departments wince.

These include toilet trysts between Mischa Barton and Lou Doillon, a far more explicit dancefloor dalliance between French scenesters Juliette Dol and Lauren Bastide, sundry gratuitous shots of womens' bottoms and breasts, artist Terence Koh simulating fellatio, evidence of Marc Jacobs’ saucy taste in art and a full frontal shot of Zahm himself, who is apparently never separated from his trademark aviators – even whilst immersed in a Russian bath.

John Currin artwork @ Marc Jacobs' Paris apartment, April 19/purple diary

All of these lewd shots interspersed, strangely enough, in between a plethora of happy snaps of an innocent young child, Asia Zahm, who one assumes could be Zahm’s daughter.

Really looking forward to exclusive previews of Lagerfeld's neatly-arranged arsenal of sex toys and Princess Caroline's nipple ring.

natacha ramsay, paris, april 14/purple diary


Anonymous said...

he disgusts me for some reason. really creeps me out! and speaking of cobrasnake did anyone see the recent tallulah pics.. hmm..

Doctor Nookie said...

Absolute Filth

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I'm speechless (which is perhaps a good thing). I was more interested in the snap of Jacobs' impromptu cabaret. The Lord of the Dance appears to be clutching a glass of wine. Hasn't he just done a stint in rehab?

Anonymous said...

the blog is actually fun and I never sense the images are forced or uncomfortable, granted I cant help but see the overtime spent on the sly self PR... the main problem really is olivier himself! He is really cheesy and such a lamo to use his position as a publisher to get some ass! I mean that's gotta be the lowest part of it all. But hey thats who he is

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