Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tallulah rising - and having an Absolut ball

Tallulah Morton at the Lonchamp party, Paris, July 2/thecobrasnake

Great to see Tallulah Morton doing so well in gay Paree. Just last week frockwriter asked: with four show nods from Jean Paul Gaultier in four months, could she be JPG’s new muse? As these currently-circulating shots from the hugely popular website of high profile party snapper Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter demonstrate, Morton has been out on the town toasting her Euro success – with some assistance from compatriot Stephanie “Raking it in” Carta.

Tallulah Morton and Stephanie Carta, Paris. July 6/thecobrasnake

Although at 16 of course, technically Morton doesn’t require an adult chaperone.

She is still, nevertheless, below the legal Australian drinking age.

Cooling off after a Jalouse magazine party. June 28/thecobrasnake

In fact there are are so many shots of Morton currently on Hunter's website - and shots of Morton and Hunter published elsewhere - that some have wondered if there might be a litte romance in the air.

One blog even asks: "Is Tallulah Morton the new Cory Kennedy?"

Tallulah Morton, Olivier Zahm and Stephanie Carta, Lonchamp party, Paris. July 2/thecobrasnake

Over several nights of party pics Morton also looks to be whooping it up with Olivier Zahm.

That’s the fortysomething French publisher of Purple – a hipper-than-hip French fashion mag, in which many up-and-coming models would presumably love to feature.

Judging by his front row status at every show at which I have ever seen Zahm, clearly he is considered to be hugely influential.

And the breadth of Zahm's influence looks to be matched by that of his ego.

On what appears to be Zahm’s MySpace page, he uses a photograph of himself inspecting a woman’s ass at very close range, together with the following quote that he attributes to Helmut Newton:
"You should feel that, under the right conditions, all women would be available."


whoozqueen said...

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I recommend that you put Google Adsense on your blog, ASAP! My blog, Oohsome (, earns $30 a month from its meagre hits, Im sure that you could be earning a lot more with your high profile.

Keep the good work up, I very much enjoy your knowledge of and insight into the fashion industry.

M.H. said...

The first image is amusing, it looks like Mr. P (Pedro Winter) on the left who runs Ed Banger records...

Oliver broke the French publishing scene with Purple back in 1993 and it's fantastic. Although its history is much more provocative and could be considered pornography. But if you check out his team's book Purple Anthology, it recounts all its issues to date with very early shoots of Chloe Sevigny and a hobo Marc Jacobs.

M.H. said...

Oh I forgot, Myf has her own NYMag model profile now and of course, it lists the Prada show. Not bad for first come serve hey? That's my weekly amusement, can't let you take all the fun! (laughs)

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