Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Femmes fatales

3-way kiss/terry richardson

Should leading Australian model agency Chic Management perhaps think about renaming itself Sapphic Management? Frockwriter surely can’t be the only one starting to wonder. On February 21st, speaking about the recent friendship between Chic's latest superstar Myf Shepherd and Dutch supermod Nimue Smit – and following reports about “McBeha”, the much-discussed romantic hookup between an even bigger Chic Management girl, Catherine McNeil and Denmark’s Freja Beha Erichsen - frockwriter quipped, do we have a new power couple on our hands? We were joking at the time. But as many may already be aware, much was made of Shepherd’s female dalliances earlier this month during RAFW – her fairly public dalliances.

Firstly, it was reported that Shepherd had been holding hands with one woman at the sass & bide party.

Several days later, Shepherd was papped - and apparently from the footpath, which of course is a public thoroughfare - whilst apparently kissing MTV Australia VJ Ruby Rose Langenheim at the appropriately-titled Kings Cross restaurant, Jimmy Liks.

The shot was published in one Australian gossip magazine and the series of images, owned by Tito Media, has since been widely circulated online.

Interestingly, Langenheim - who is openly gay - was once also repped by, you guessed it, Chic Management.

Langenheim came runnerup in the 2003 Girlfriend Model Search competition, beaten by... Catherine McNeil.

Sadly frockwriter hears that McBeha may either be on the rocks – or no more.

But that hasn't put a stop to the buzz about the duo from within the top echelons of the modelling industry.

Wayne Sterling is the co-founder of the high profile, New York-based online model resource models.com (which ranks McNeil and Erichsen the world's number 8 and 9 working models, respectively).

On April 13th, on his personal blog The Imagist, Sterling teased readers with the following snippet, which has prompted quite some speculation:

“TI wants to know which Modeling Super-Couple has splintered yet once again with one half of the duo successfully macking the other beauty's best mate on the set of that luxury ad campaign last week...Expect a punch-up at the wedding...”

Coincidentally, the Gucci Fall/Winter 2009/2010 campaign was shot the previous week in Europe.

And as revealed by frockwriter, the campaign features two Australians: Myf Shepherd and Abbey-Lee Kershaw. They were photographed for the campaign alongside several other high profile models, including Freja Beha Erichsen.

Both Shepherd and Kershaw are repped by Chic Management. However we have it on good authority that only one of them is best friends with McNeil.

And it’s not Shepherd.


Mike said...

In terms of modelling circles, Myf is still a new resident as you and I know, Catherine and Abby have been doing it longer than she has. I think Catherine and Abby are good friends, well I think when there are a few Australian models, they get together. Catherine has just recently did a nude photoshoot* for a photographic editorial and Abby was there too.

* Nothing to be unsuspecting since one of Abby's very first photoshoots was semi-nude, great shoot and nothing to glean at.

Anonymous said...

I respect Freja's taste. Miss Shepherd would've been very safe..

Style On Track said...

Who wouldn't want a hot model partner ;)

Anonymous said...

i think its fantastic , hot young girls getting it on with each other , i just wish they they would all start posting their naughty nights on you porn .
Hopefully this isnt a trend and we will see more and more of this sapphic behaviour ,

Anonymous said...

Could it have been at another campaign? speaking of which, do you have any more campaign updates Patty?

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