Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RAFW in The New York Times

Here is a mini RAFW wrapup that I have today in The Moment - that's the blog attached to The New York Times' style/design-nosed T Magazine. The words accompany a photo gallery of backstage shots taken by Sonny Vandevelde, who had a daily Photo of The Moment on the same site throughout last week. It's not the NYT paper per se, but is nevertheless my first piece anywhere near 'The Grey Lady'. Hope to do more. I did not have much room, so focussed on some of the newer names, including Anaessia, my personal pick of the first Ready to Wear group show. Anaessia's Swarovski crystal-encrusted skull print sheath dress looked, I noted on Twitter during the show, like something Michelle Obama might wear - if only she had the nerve. (Here's a vid of the collection).


Cultures in Between said...

Have you ever considered or thought about writing for NYT or that would conflict with your media work for WWD?

fashion herald said...

Exciting, congrats!

matt said...

Nice work Patty!

Patty Huntington said...

hey tks guys.

mike - first up, i give wwd first option on material. i have included some immediate coverage of RAFW in a WWD story just filed this week, but it's not an event wrap per se - that is, specifically collections-focussed. there will be various other places where RAFW designer news will fit however over the coming months.

secondly, WWD is a trade publication, not consumer-focussed. thirdly, i'm freelance.

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