Friday, May 29, 2009

In Vogue: Myf Shepherd

vogue australia via chic blog

Well the tabloids might be all over her private life, but Myf Shepherd just cracked her first Vogue cover: the July edition of Vogue Australia. She is wearing what looks suspiciously like an outfit, or part thereof, from the Romance Was Born SS0910 show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Coincidentally, Shepherd was front row at the RWB show at the Sydney Theatre Company on April 30th, sitting with the Vogue team. It only took a year for Vogue to put to her on there (having previously only used Shepherd on the cover of a racing fashion supplement and editorial features), but better late than never. Makes a very nice change to see an Australian model, brand and indeed, cover, on an Australian fashion glossy. Bravo.


Kat George said...

Well said! Living in the UK I was always super enthusiastic about telling people how wonderful Australian fashion is! I was so disappointed to come home and find that perhaps my zeal came from some very rose tinted glasses. As opposed to UK Vogue, that features English models and designers on a monthly basis (as features, not just as side notes), Australia Vogue really fails us on the home front. I think it's about time Aus Vogue stepped up and started championing Australian talent!


S.A.A. said...

FI-NA-LLY! and the cover is actually good. Not another horrible tacky Chanel clad boring Sasha copy. (i.e. last months cover). Not only does Myf look hot but she also looks real. Like a REAL Aussie girl!

Nonotto said...

@Kat George..
I think Australian Vogue have made a great effort championing local talent this year, this is their 4th of 7 covers this year that feature a new Australian model.

@Myf Shepherd on the cover..
she can look good on the catwalk but meh... I just don't think Myf has the beauty to pull off a good Vogue cover. She looks cheesy again.

Paul said...

Where's the crocheted octopus hat?

Style On Track said...

I love it when Aussie mags create their own covers and use Aussie talent, I do agree that I wish it was done more often though

Anonymous said...

Love Myf! Love Romance! Love the cover! It feels like there's a real energy behind this cover - as opposed to other covers that are just poached from international editions. I'm sure if there was a genuine focus on spotlighting local talent like this every month we'd have even more models and designers launch successful careers globally.

Kat George said...

Hey Nonotto

I just think that Aus Vogue should be championing Aus design and other talent EVERY month, and all the other luxury European design should play second fiddle, rather than as feature items.

Unfortunately I think our Vogue is far too conservative. As great as this cover is, it would have been even more amazing to see one of the RWB couture outfits on there, or just even some more angular poses or something a bit edgier in a more daring vein.

I'd like to think that with al the unique creativity in Aus, Vogue could be a leader rather than a follower. It might take years but hopefully we will get there!


Coco said...

Can I just say that in my opinion the cover is boring, too commercial and doesn't reach Myf's potential.

Unfortunately Aus Vogue isn't all that different from all the other women's interest magazines...I hate to point the finger, but one has to wonder if Kirstie Clements at the root of the problem.

somebody09 said...

COCO i agree...with the recession you'd think that Kirstie like her Vogue collegues internationally would have pulled her socks up and along with great content inside the magazine, the cover should have been a showstopper... and while they have a great girl such as MYF i dont think it did firstly Vogue any justice... or Myf or even its readers. Look at the last Vogue cover... the girl wasnt even looking in the lense...they should be trying to captivate and sell the magazine... instead they are giving us dead covers.

Elton Bradley said...

I've had a quick look at the mag. It's a pity because they could have had a showstopper cover.. Valeriya E. has an ed shot by Troyt Coburn which is truly sublime. I think they pulled the wrong reign with their cover choice.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Elton Bradley, they should have used Valerija for the cover. I'm still not sold on Myf for editorial work.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? This is the cheesiest piece of crap that totally embodies the conservativeness and banality of Australian Vogue. The Romance Was Born show was incredible! And these shots do not do justice to the creativity behind an amazing collection. And Myf? Myf shmyff. No one cared about her in Australia until she went overseas and made it. She still does absolutely nothing for me but in a typical Vogue move, once she is deemed alright by the international press, suddenly up she pops in Australian Vogue. And they are championing Australian models and designers? I think not- they are merely bringing them down to the level of mediocrity that Vogue has perfected.

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