Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fernando Frisoni closes RAFW


Kate said...

hi, i know this is completely off topic but I am doing some research and wanted to know what happened with the morrissey edmiston split in 1997. All I can seem to find is that it was a 'famous nasty split' but no other details surrounding it.


Anonymous said...

Really dissapointed with your coverage of fashion week , Twitter is crap , not needed and a waste of blogspace , where is the writing ? am i missing something ? no comments to read ? what a shame ! do yourself a favor and stick with your old format

Patty Huntington said...

last week was a bit of an experiment for me. i'm sorry you were disappointed. but all i can tell you is that while you hated it, others say that they loved it. last week this blog's traffic doubled - on one day nearly tripled - and i have hundreds of new twitter followers.

this subject merits greater discussion which i will get to asap. just attending to some paid work. writing is in fact how i earn a living - something i don't manage to do from this blog, in spite of the considerable time that i devote to it. last week this included 30+ posts each day, including 37 live streaming videos - 20 of them designer/industry player interviews, with some of the videos being being picked up by other blogs.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anon.

I can understand and appreciate the value of small news bites but in terms of covering entire collections through tweets - Where's the context? Is there real value in blurry images accompanied by musings of 150 characters or less?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous Anons. I feel this initial, almost instantaneous documention devalues other forms of coverage. I'd liken it to watching a feature film on YouTube before it's released in cinemas. Perhaps you need to address the quality of both the image and sound you provide via Twitter as it was apparent that something was amiss from your first blog of the shows.

Anonymous said...

"I'd liken it to watching a feature film on YouTube before it's released in cinemas."

Spot on Anon #3.

Jac said...

I'm sorry Patty. I have to laugh. But, I must say, under no circumstances am I anonymuous, anonymous, or anonymous. Why are these people so scared of their opinion that they don't want to leave their name?
You know how I feel about Twitter. I think it's lowering the standards of media and information, not only on the level of it's delivery - substandard pictures and poorly-punctuated, abbreviated writing - but also the fact that my 9 yr old son could easily pick up as many followers as you. By this I mean, the punters will accept any crap that's being put out there.
I have moral objections on other levels too, regarding the path that society is taking re the acceptance of this type of 'networking' as a media outlet,and what that will be doing to the next generation as far as social/relationship abilities, and the whole learning to grow and function using all those necessary components such as patience, imagination, creation, contemplation and so on that is becoming increasingly less in this world of instant gratification and useless commentary, but that's another rant entirely.
What it really comes down to is, the instant images (if they were good quality), are great, if accompanied by a decent commentary. Your blog is very enjoyable like that. But, otherwise, I think you're really selling yourself short. And are you sure you can attribute your jump in blog traffic to Twitter, or is it just people seeking current info about the shows?
For the twits who rely on the poor, yet speedy 'information' that the medium delivers, you can twit, but you shouldn't do it at the expense of any quality on your blog. And don't get me started if you're a actually a photographer who happens to blog as well!
But that's just my opinion :)
Signed, Undiesontheoutside

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