Monday, May 25, 2009

Glamour Kills pwns Twitter

mark capicotto/huck magazine

Ashton Kutcher has a lot to answer for. If you were wondering - as was frockwriter - firstly, what the hell Glamour Kills is. And secondly, what it is doing in Twitter Trending Topics (initially listed in, but now gone from, the Top 10), the answer is simple. Mark Capicotto, the 22 year-old CEO of the four year-old New York streetwear company, simply asked his 10,000-strong Twitter tribe to Tweet the word #glamourkills and they obliged. Capicotto, as it emerges, is a graphic designer who did freelance work for bands, before launching the Glamour Kills clothing line (and store: 544 Main Street, Beacon, New York) in his first year of college in 2005. Any fashion and media veterans still scratching their heads about how social media is going to affect both industries would be well advised to take note of young Turks like Capicotto, who not only conducts promotions but even recruits his models via Twitter. In an interview with Shred magazine in March, Capicotto noted of social networking sites, "They’re free and help you reach your target demographic directly. On a side note, Tumblr and Twitter are going to be huge. Get on it :)!....You have to play the game to change the game”.


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