Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rose is a rose is a rose

tito media via FAMOUS

Well the Cat, as they say, is out of the bag. Last night in Sydney Oz gossip magazine FAMOUS Tweeted two watermarked paparazzi shots of Chic Management superstar Catherine McNeil and MTV Australia VJ Ruby Rose Langenheim, kissing. On closer inspection, on Tito Media's website, the shots had been taken on May 23rd at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Even if FAMOUS had purchased and taken the shots off the market, it’s unlikely they would have spoiled their own exclusive. It's more likely the magazine did a spoiler for a story that is due to run in a Sunday tabloid or a competitor on Monday (update 1/06: the shots appear in a double-page spread in this week's NW). Langenheim sure does get around. Just three weeks ago in Sydney she was photographed kissing another top Chic Management model, Myf Shepherd.

In the intervening hours these new images have made their way to a number of online outlets. Here is what looks to be the complete set on McNeil's TFS thread.

And most, not surprisingly, are marvelling at the complex inter-model relationship geometry.

Fashionologie asks:
“Are two models involved in a love triangle?”

While ONTD_Fashinfags poster dcbaabcd notes:
“is the world ready for a freja, catherine, myf, and some other australian lesbian love quadrilateral? I'M NOT”.

As frockwriter has previously reported, initially in October, there has been much speculation over a romantic liaison between McNeil and Danish supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen - who ranks immediately below McNeil as the world number nine working model on go-to industry website

And as we mentioned on Tuesday, Langenheim came runnerup to McNeil in the 2003 Girlfriend Model Search competition and was once repped by Chic.

In April last year Langenheim described McNeil to The Daily Telegraph as:

“one of the best-looking women in the world… She deserves to be a supermodel"

Langenheim declined to comment however when the reporter asked the question if the pair had previously "locked lips".

At the time of 2002 Girlfriend Model Search competition, Langenheim and McNeil were 16 and 13 respectively.

Suggesting that the pair may today be, at the very least, the best of mates, earlier today Langenheim told her 11,000+ Twitter Followers:

“Happy birthday to my amazing Kitty Cat! <3”

According to her DOB information on several websites, McNeil celebrates her 20th birthday today.

As it emerges, Langenheim was in Los Angeles attending several business meetings and revealed to her Twitter followers that she has "big news" about work, which is currently under wraps - and may be US-focussed.

But while Langenheim appears to be a very active user of social media, according to several former Facebook friends of McNeil, McNeil's Facebook profile mysteriously vanished overnight last year.

Coincidentally, this was around the same time that rumours first started percolating about McNeil's friendship with Freja Beha Erichsen.

McNeil's Facebook account appears to have been recently reinstated, with a much tighter circle of 117 friends so far.


S.A.A. said...

Wow I have to say that I am loving all of this Aussie model love triangle stuff! About time they started speaking up about it cause this is what I'd rather be reading about, not Posh and Becks.


Style On Track said...

Tito media are the kings at getting scoops on these models arent they! I must say, its rather entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

get it Ruby!

Anonymous said...

so cool patty well done , i love your tabloid section
ruby looks so much better kissing Catherine than holding that minger Pip Edward's hand on the beach
cant wait for the videos to leak out .

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all these affairs of the heart have more to do with convenience than love?

These girls lead very hectic, very seasonal working schedules - schedules that can only be matched by...well, each other.

Same shows, same circuit, same campaigns. One thing leads to

Anonymous said...

As an aside, you'll notice Ruby is always wearing melbourne designer gear after ladyhawke started sporting it. ;D

not that i'm suggesting anything...

J said...

Love your blog, just stumbled across it after creating my own. Keep up the amazing work!

Anna Wintour said...

It should probably be noted that RR is a notorious party pasher and the last two shots we've seen of her locking lips with Australia's modeling cliteratti haven't even been pashes, they've been pecks. RR is an utter sweetheart, but she does seem to be conveniently kissing when the cameras are near-by. I wouldn't be surprised if the next person she canoodles is none-other than fellow MTVVJ and America's Next Top Model allumn Kim Stolz, after all, they have so much in common!

K said...

RR does indeed pash when the cameras are nearby. She is an MTV host who cried after winning an ASTRA...! She uses her sexuality to get press and without it I daresay no one would know who she is.
I have a close friend who was good friends with her before she got the MTV gig and she no longer has contact with her old mates from Melbourne. (She also incidentally had a few boyfriends in Melbourne - but that doesn't suit her tightly spun story claiming to be out by the age of 8 or whatever) I guess having that ASTRA has given her a new perspective. SIGH!

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