Sunday, December 20, 2009

You've got to hand it to Supré

They do have a knack for a catchy, opportunistic, T-shirt graphics.


S.A.A. said...

Such a classy woman's store.

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

If I see any tweens wearing it I'll snap and post to you asap

Nicole P said...

I saw this walking down the high street and thought wow...thats exactly what I would want a teenager of lyk 13 to wear, how oh so classy. Imagin a young girl wearing that whilst with her parents. At least if you are gonna buy a shirt with bad language on it, it should be a loud statment such as some of the things written on ksubi t shirts. It dosent necessarily mean it should be a designer t shirt, but i think you get what im trying to say. Santa's b*** isint the greatest thing for a tween to say about themselves.

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