Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make me a Zimmermann model

Frockwriter mentioned that newly repatriated sex bomb Lisa Seiffert would be shooting the SS10 campaign for stellar Australian swim label Zimmermann this week. But hot diggity dog, if US Make Me A Supermodel model mentor, imminent NIDA student and newbie jeweller Nicole Trunfio isn't in the campaign as well. As it happens, Trunfio, like Seiffert, recently defected from Sydney’s Viviens agency to Chic Management. This behind-the-scenes shot from the shoot popped up in frockwriter’s inbox today. Photographer was Simon Lekias, with New York import art director Louisa Gent, stylist Tamila Purvis, Sophie Roberts on hair and Linda Jefferies on makeup. Anyone in and around Sydney’s Hamptons northern beaches over summer, meanwhile, should definitely pop in to Zimmermann's popup store at Whale Beach. Supremely cool idea for a summer store.



Anonymous said...

Hello there Patty, it might be of interest to you to take a look into the 2009 year for boutique retail in Sydney. As such, it has been quite grim with the following stores closing down:

Out Spot - Darlinghurst
Purdy Klampet - Paddington
Dobry Den - Surry Hills
Capital L - Darlinghurst
St Xavier - Bondi (Closing Jan)
Mintshop Manly - Rumours are brewing.

Not to mention from a designers point, probably the toughest market to break into, now that store owners are very wary of the current slump in the market.

Some stores have thrived, mainly online, however the bigger names such as Incu / Assin / General Pants/ David Jones, etc have pulled through due to their size.

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Maybe Nicole can make some jewellery for Zimmermann!!!! (Sarcasm).

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

Ive observed that online stores did not thrive this year. In fact many are heaving inventory. eg - when Grand social opened in a blaze of PR glory their online store was the way of the future. A year later they are now planning to open a bricks and mortar store. I presume in the hopes of moving some stock and gaining more exposure.

The simple fact is people are not spending what they use to online or otherwise. This is not from fear of losing their jobs (which was the case last year) its because the consumer has now become so highly educated in fashion/trends etc, they are brand loyal, not store loyal. And they want the look for less and they want it now. They are specific and will no longer be frivolous with their hard earned cash. Many retailers are not ready for this almost 'sudden' shift in consumer. It will mean a drastic overhaul of how they run their stores, or more will be added to the closing down list.

In terms of designers joining that list, 2009 was the year of the big ones losing their line of credit. But they all had a network of people with cash waiting in the wings, and the most valuable thing of all still intact: brand loyalty. I think 2010 is when we will see some of the new kids on the block begin to disappear as the PR accolades die down and cash strapped boutiques who support new talent slow payments to a grinding halt.

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