Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tiah Eckhardt counts her lovers

Frockwriter mentioned that Tiah Eckhardt was awaiting the birth of a baby with partner Patrick Delaney. Well Oz director Alex Goddard just flicked us over this little video he shot for CLUBFEET’s new 'Count Your Lovers' single starring Eckhardt - and apparently just three weeks after the birth of her adorable baby girl Finley Victoria, who arrived in October. Sources say Eckhardt is also to be a face of Berlei, so it looks as if she’s not giving up on modelling at all.


Jenna Dunne said...


fashion herald said...

As a woman who also had a baby in October, I'm quite impressed. 3 weeks after giving birth I'm pretty sure I was still in the same sweats for days and wondering when the heck I'd find time to bathe. And forget about showing off a figure!

Anonymous said...

Feeling a Guy Boudin vibe.I love when a retrospective show comes as in Paris last fall. New artists are inspired. Bella Tiah, a woman not a girl. Vive la vie!

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